How to Foam Roll Your Inner Thigh

How to Foam Roll Your (Adductor) Inner Thigh

Foam rolling the adductor brevis (inner thigh) is a great way to release the tight inner thigh mucles that cause instability of the knee and hip during exercises such as the squats and lunges. This can be an uncomfortable exercise for many women to perform due to the position ... Continue Reading

Foam Roll Hamstrings

Foam Roll Your Hamstrings

Foam rolling your hamstrings (back of the thighs) is a great way to aid quick muscle recovery and prevent activity related injuries by decreasing soreness, releasing tightness and improving flexibility.

The technique of foam rolling lengthens and breaks down muscle adhesion or trigger point in the muscles. To effective foam ... Continue Reading

How to Foam roll your Latissimus Dorsi

How to Foam Roll Your Lats the Right Way

Performing self-myofascial release with a foam roller before and after your workout is a great way to aid recovery and decrease muscle soreness.

Think of a foam roller as poor man’s (or woman's) masseuse.

After a hard workout session, a few minutes with the roller can be ... Continue Reading