How to lose stomach fat

How to Lose Stomach Fat: 5 Proven Ways to Get Rid Of Belly Fat Fast

Use these proven strategies below to fight stomach fat!

Having excess stomach fat, particularly visceral fat is seriously harmful. This type of abdominal fat is linked to type 2 diabetes and heart disease (1).

Although subcutaneous fat underneath the skin is the one that’s noticeable when we look in the mirror, it’s not harmful.

It’s the fat layer beneath the pinchable subcutaneous fat that’s hazardous to your health. It’s un-pinchable, hidden, and stubborn. It often gets neglected and built up. 

Even skinny people with excess belly fat are at an increased risk (2).

Losing this type of stomach fat can be difficult, but there are several things you can do to reduce excess belly fat.

Use these proven strategies below to fight the deep stomach fat!

Here are 5 effective tips to lose stomach fat, backed by scientific studies.

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1. Eat plenty of soluble fiber

Eat plenty of soluble fiber

Losing belly fat starts with a clean diet and adding nutrients that are proven to burn fat and prevent fat accumulation in your diet. 

One of the nutrients known to be effective in fighting stomach fat is soluble fiber

It’s a dietary fiber that absorbs water and turns into a gel-like form that slows down food digestion. 

It’s backed by research that soluble fiber can help promote the feeling of fullness and increase satiety. This in turn helps you manage your daily food and calorie intake. 

There is also a study that directly looked at the link between soluble fiber and belly fat. According to the study, every 10-gram increase in soluble fiber intake led to a reduction in belly fat by 3.7% over 5 years. 

Incorporate foods high in soluble fiber into your daily diet to fight off stubborn belly fat. Here are foods rich in fiber. 

Beans include lima beans, black beans, navy beans, and navy beans. 

  • Oat bran
  • Oatmeal
  • Avocado
  • Oranges
  • Brussel sprouts
  • Broccoli
  • Avocado

2. Cut back on alcohol

Cut back on alcohol

Occasional alcohol consumption doesn’t usually cause harm to your health including belly fat. 

However, alcohol consumed in excess can cause a serious decline in health. 

It also impacts your belly fat. 

According to research, moderate alcohol consumption shows correlations with increased visceral fat. What’s more, it indicates it leads to higher testosterone levels in healthy adult women. 

If you are looking to reduce your visceral fat and shrink your waistline, consider limiting your alcoholic intake. Drink in moderation to see your stomach fat go away. 

3. Reduce your stress levels

Reduce your stress levels

Another hidden factor that’s associated with belly fat is stress. 

Stress can trigger the stress hormone called cortisol, making it difficult to fight off stubborn belly fat. 

High cortisol levels can lead to increased appetite and accumulation of fat storage. 

Research indicates that women with a larger waist tend to produce higher levels of cortisol when stressed. This makes them even more prone to the expanded waistline and increased visceral fat. 

To combat the stomach fat, aim to reduce your stress level by getting adequate sleep and taking time off. Picking up new and more enjoyable habits can also help offset the high stress. 

4. Eat a high-protein diet

high-protein diet

Fighting off stomach fat can be hard and time-consuming. That’s why you need some actionable items that are easy wins for your tummy fat and overall health. 

Making it a point to include high-protein food is one easy thing you can add to your daily meal planning that helps with belly fat. 

Protein is one essential macro you need not just for weight management but also for your overall health. 

The good thing is, that it’s also effective for shrinking belly fat. 

A diet high in protein is shown to be effective for weight loss, appetite reduction, and increased satiety. 

It also helps raise your metabolism and builds and retains lean muscles that are essential to efficient metabolism. 

As a bonus, some protein-rich foods like fish and seafood are full of marine omegas. They contain brain-healthy omega-3 fatty acids that are linked to a reduction in visceral fat. 

Researchers saw this correlation in one study conducted using obese mice.

Include high-protein foods like fish, chicken, beans, meat, and seafood to shed some extra inches off your waistline. 

5. Do more cardio

Do more cardio

Cardio is one of the most effective ways to burn calories and lose excess body fat.

It’s one exercise that’s effective towards your belly fat too. 

While more research is needed to conclude whether moderate or high-intensity cardio is more effective for fat loss, one thing is for sure. 

Regardless of how high intense your cardio is, aerobics done consistently can help you burn calories. 

Whether it’s a 5-minute jump roping or a 20-minute treadmill run, adding cardio to your everyday routine can be beneficial. 

In addition to your strength training workouts for fat loss, add a 10-minute of cardio a day to burn extra calories. 

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