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Hate Crunches but Want Abs? Try These Other 4 Ab Exercises Instead

No workout is complete without working the abs, right? If you’re like me, my workout never feels complete unless I finish with a few ab exercises.

But the problem is, I hate crunches. So I always have to be creative with my 5-minute ab workout at the end.

If you are anything like me and hate the idea of doing crunches but want to crush your core in 5-7 minutes, try these other 4 ab exercises instead.

And not to worry. You are not sacrificing the results or effectiveness here. In fact, crunches are the least effective ab exercise you can do.

And when working your abs, you want to train them in a more functional way. So that your abs won’t just look toned and ripped but they can also help you move better and protect your spine and lower back.

These 4 exercises will strengthen your core, helping you perform everyday tasks with ease.

A stronger core is important for stability. They also provide support in everyday movements. Additionally, they help promote good posture and reduce back pain.

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1. Plank

  1. Start on your fours in a high plank with your hands and knees on the mat.
  2. Position your wrists directly under your shoulders and parallel to the front of the mat. Resting your weight on your wrists, walk your knees back until your legs are fully extended. Keep your feet hip-width apart and distribute your body evenly between your toes and wrists.
  3. Engage your core and tighten your glutes and hold the position for 30-60 seconds. Make sure your back is flat and your body is in a straight line from your head to your heels.
  4. Release when you can no longer hold your plank pose.

2. Mountain Climbers

  1. Begin in a high plank position with your hands and toes on the ground.
  2. Keep your back flat and hips in line with the rest of the body. Tighten your core and in one motion, bring your right knee in under your chest. Return your right leg back to the starting position and bring your left leg in.
  3. Keep alternating at a steady pace. If your fitness allows it, pick up a pace without breaking your form.
  4. Concentrate on engaging your abs and glutes throughout the movements.

3. Bird Dog

  1. On a thick yoga mat, get on all fours with your hands directly below your shoulders and your knees below your hips.
  2. Engage your core and extend your right arm out in front of you. Find balance in your core and slowly lift your left leg up and straighten out behind you. (hitechgazette)
  3. With control, bring in your right arm and left leg to crunch your abs underneath your stomach. Repeat 10 times before you switch sides.

4. Windshield Wipers

Windshield Wipers
  1. Lie on your back on a yoga mat with your arms stretched out at your sides. Bend your knees and lift your legs up so your feet are off the ground and calves are parallel to the ground.
  2. This is the starting position. With your core fully engaged, lower your legs to the right toward the ground and pause when they are inches off of the ground.
  3. Return to the center and lower them to the other side. Repeat the movements alternating right and left.
  4. Complete a total of 10 reps per side.

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