Low-carb alcohol drinks for keto

33 Best Alcohol Drinks To Maintain Ketosis While On The Keto Diet

Keto alcohol drinks that won’t kick out of ketosis.

That’s nothing worse than going out for a drink but you can’t drink because you’re on a Keto diet.

The Ketogenic diet requires some dietary lifestyle changes to reach ketosis.

But that doesn’t mean your social life needs to stop. 

Alcohol on a low-carb ketogenic diet is all about its carb content.

Obviously, they defer by brands and drinks, so be sure to check the label or ask the server for the info. 

But with a bit of info on how much carb each type of drink contains can help you make better decisions at the bar. 

And to your surprise, you can actually enjoy a glass of wine, cocktail, or even a beer without much guilt. 

There are plenty of low-carb Keto alcohol options you can enjoy on a Ketogenic diet meal plan.

One word of caution is that alcohol on a Keto diet may or may not work for all. Some experience difficulties with it, while others can enjoy it with some limitations.

It’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to keto and alcohol. 

This post is to provide general guidelines.

Hope you use it as a quick reference and as a cheat sheet to enjoying your drink while on a low-carb lifestyle. 

Here are 33 Low-carb Keto alcohol drinks that won’t kick out of ketosis.

Keto Wine

Wine is usually your safest bet when having a night out. You know exactly what you are having, which gives you a greater level of comfort than having a mixer. 

Below is based on a 5oz glass. Be sure to check your restaurant’s serving size.

WineCarb Content (5oz)
Pinot Noir3.5g
Cabernet Sauvignon3.8g
Sparkling white1.5g
Brut Champagne2.5g
Sauvignon Blanc2.8g
Pinot Grigio3.0g
White Zinfandel 5.0g
Riesling 5.7g

Keto Beer 

There are countless types of beers on the market and their carb content can vary greatly.

Here are some of the popular beers with lower carb content than the vast majority.

Also, if you are gluten-free, steer away from beers as most contain wheat. 

BeerCarb Content (12oz)
Bud Select 551.9g
Miler 642.4g
Michelob Ultra2.6g
Bud Select3.1g
Miller Lite3.2g
Busch Light3.2g
Michelob Ultra Amber3.7g
Amstel Light5.0g
Coors Light5.0g
Corona Light5.0g
Bud Light6.6g
Heineken Light6.8g

Keto Liquor

Not all liquors are gluten-free, so be aware of your choices. Better yet, refer to each brand for its ingredient list. 

LIQUOR (UNFLAVORED)Carb Content (1.5oz)
Dark Rum0.0g
Whiskey/Bourbon0.0 ~ 0.3g
Spiced Rum0.5g
Brandy0.0 ~ 3.0g

In addition to picking the right drink or liquor, here are 3 tips to enjoying alcoholic drinks on a keto diet. 

  1. Drink in moderation. Not only overconsumption leads to poor decision-making, but it can also add up your carb intake. Limit yourself to a set amount and say no. 
  2. Ask questions. Cocktail recipes can vary from bartender to bartender and bar to bar. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and know what’s in your drinks. 
  3. Drink plenty of water. Alcohol can dehydrate you and lead to discomfort and hangover. Pair it with keto flu, it’s not pleasant. Drink water frequently to keep yourself hydrated. 

Take Home Message

There are plenty of low-carb alcohol drinks you can enjoy on a Keto diet. The trick is to always check for carb content.

Carb content can vary from brand to brand so be sure to check the label or ask the server for the info.

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