Resistance Band Workouts

8 Best Resistance Band Workouts for Men

No gym, dumbbells, no problem. Build muscle, size, and strength with these simple resistance band workouts.

Resistance band exercises are perfect for your at-home workout. They’re light, portable, and easy to store.

They are a great exercise tool for building strength, muscles and muscular endurance.

Unlike free weights like dumbbells, bands do not rely on gravity to create and provide resistance.

That means exercises you can do with them are almost limitless.

With bands, you can add resistance to exercises from any position and angle.

This versatility of resistance bands makes them just perfect for working out at home.

1. Squat to press

Grab handles with an overhand grip and stand in the middle of the band with feet parallel and hip-width apart. Position hands at shoulder height, with your palms facing away from you and elbows bent.

Sit your hips back, bend at the knees to squat until your thighs are nearly parallel to the floor. Keep your chest up, engage your abs, and press knees out over your toes. Pause for 1-2 seconds then push up to standing while extending your arms straight overhead. Repeat and complete your reps. Repeat 10-15 times

2. Bent-Over Row 

Grab a resistance band and step in the middle of the band with your feet about shoulder-width apart.

Hold the band in each hand at the arm’s length, and bend at your hips. Lower your torso until it’s almost parallel to the floor. Keep your lower back naturally arched.

Squeeze your shoulder blades together and pull the band up to your upper abs. Pause, then return. Repeat 10-15 times 

3. Mini-Band Glute Bridge

Place a mini-band around your thighs, just above your knees. Lie on your back flat, bend your knees to 90° close to your glutes, and pull your toes toward your shins os only your heels touch the floor.

Brace your core, press your lower back into the floor, and widen your feet until you feel the tension on the band.

Maintaining tension on the band, squeeze your glutes, push your heels into the floor, and lift your hips off the floor until they are in line with your knees and shoulders. If you feel a strain in your lower back (as opposed to your glutes and hamstrings), don’t raise your hips up as high.

Pause, then lower back down. Repeat 10-15 times. Keep your glutes engaged and maintain a neutral spine throughout the movement.

4. Reverse Crunch

Use the anchor to set the band at a low position and attach the ankle cuff to your ankles. Scoop back to create tension on the band. Lie flat back on the floor and bend your knees at the 90°.

Brace your abs, lift your hips off the floor and crunch toward your chest, contracting your abs. Pause, then slowly return to the first position. Repeat 10-15 times.

The reverse crunch is a great exercise to target the lower abs. It’s one area that’s often neglected in many other abs workouts. 

5. Standing Chest Press

Secure the band to a sturdy object at chest height. With your back to the object, grab a handle in each hand and step forward until there’s no slack in the band. Your hands should be at your chest, elbows up and palms facing down.

Press the handles forward and together at the same time. Pause, then return slowly, being careful not to go past your shoulders. That’s one rep. Repeat 10 to 15 times.

6. Biceps Curl

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Place your feet over the middle of the band. Grab a handle in each hand with palms facing forward.

Pull your arms toward your shoulders by bending at the elbow. Pause, then slowly relax your biceps and lower your forearms down until your arms are straight, then repeat 10-15 times.

7. Lateral Raise

Place both feet on the band and grab a handle in each hand with palms facing ing. The further apart your feet are, the harder this will be.

Keeping your arms straight, raise the handles out to the sides coming up to your shoulder height. Lower them to the starting position and repeat 10-15 times.

8. Diagonal Chop

Anchor the band near the floor on a door with one handle. Hold the handle with both hands next to your hip. Take a few steps away from the anchor to create tension on the band.

Keeping the arms straight and using your abs, rotate the body and bring the arms up diagonally while squeezing the abs. Rotate the hips and knees as you turn. Return and repeat 10-15 times. Switch sides and repeat.

Final Word

Resistance band exercises are incredibly effective and easy to use. They’re great for strength building and muscle toning. These 5 resistance band workouts will give you a total body workout at home.

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