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The One Exercise You Should Be Doing If You Want Bigger Chest Muscles

If you’re like most guys, the chest is one area you really want to grow and see results. Yes, almost every guy wants a big muscular chest, broad shoulders, and a narrow waistline. 

This is even backed by studies. 

Numerous studies have been done on men’s perceived attractiveness. According to their surveys, a low waist-to-chest ratio was regarded as the most attractive feature of men. 

This is when a person has a narrower waist and broader chest.

But if your chest workout involves alternating between bench press and incline position, you are missing out on some serious gain. 

If you want huge pecs, you’ll need to challenge all of your chest muscles. Certain exercises challenge the chest muscles more than others. And you need to challenge them if you’re going to grow them. 

In this article, I’ll share one exercise you should do regularly to grow your chest muscles. It’s a move that’s guaranteed to make your chest grow bigger.

But, you can’t target all of your chest muscles if you don’t know what they are. So let’s review that quickly. 

Here’s a quick guide to your major chest muscles to set you on the path to bigger pecs.

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Your Chest Muscles, Explained

Chest Muscles

Pectoralis Major: The pectoralis major makes up most of your chest muscle mass. It is the largest muscle in the chest and is composed of a sternocostal head and a clavicular head.

Pectoralis Minor: The pectoralis minor is a muscle that’s underneath the Pec Major. This muscle is responsible for the shoulder’s pull and forward movements. It serves a critical role in your shoulder flexibility, mobility, and range of motion. 

Serratus Anterior: Located at the side of the chest wall, you’ll notice the serratus anterior in action when you lift weights overhead.

Now you know your chest muscles and how they work. 

Let’s get to the best exercise that’ll help you grow your pecs. 

Barbell Bench Press 

Barbell Bench Press 

According to the research from the University of Wisconsin, the barbell bench press is the single best chest move. 

They compared the most popular chest exercises and evaluated the usage of each participant’s Pectoralis major muscle. 

Out of all they tested, they found the barbell bench press to be the most activating. 

It’s the most effective chest exercise that activates your pec muscles and more. 

The key to getting the most out of this super-effective move is to perform it with the right form. 

How to:

  1. Start by laying flat on your back against the bench with the bar in the rack above you. 
  2. Grip the barbell with an overhand grip. Hands should be placed wider than shoulder width. The upper arms should be in line with the body, with the elbows flexed at a 90-degree angle.
  3. Un-rack the bar and breathe in as you lower the bar with control until it just touches the middle of your chest around your nipples. 
  4. Pause, and explosively push the barbell back up as you exhale. 

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