Quick CrossFit Workout

10 Minute CrossFit Workout for Beginners

If you have seen CrossFit women's bodies, you probably understand why we were inspired to bring you CrossFit inspired workouts to you. Those women are shredded. I mean defined abs, lean Madonna arms and legs without cellulite. They got it all.

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30 Day Workout Challenge - Planks

30 Day Workout Challenge with Planks

Plank is a great core strengthening exercise to tone various parts of your body including your abs, back and shoulders. 
It is one of the most complete total-body exercises there is and works multiple muscle groups simultaneously just by holding the isometric hold position for 30-60 seconds.

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30 Day Side Plank Challenge

30 Day Side Plank Challenge

Banish your love handles in 30 days with this side plank workout challenge. The planks exercises are one of the best abs exercises you can do to both strengthen and sculpt your tummy.

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Flexibility Stretches

5-Minute Flexibility Stretches to Prep Your Body

It is no secret that stretching can help release muscle tightness, improve joint range of motion and reduce the risk of exercise related injuries.

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