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Here Is How To Turn Your Old Phone Into a Wireless Security Camera for Free

Give your old phone a second life and turn it into a wireless security camera for free. Here is how. 

Most likely, you have an old cell phone or two sleeping in your drawers collecting dust. There isn’t much use for those phones with cracked screens and no SIM cards. They certainly aren’t trade-in eligible at this point. 

If your phone can still connect to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, here is one way to give it a second life. You can easily turn them into a wireless security camera using an app. 

There are several apps that let you turn your phone into a security camera, but here is one you can use for free. 

In this post, we’ll take a look at an app called Alfred. It’s one of the most well-known and premier apps on the market that lets you have 24/7 security at home and away. 

All you need is one old phone you want to use as a security camera and one current phone you’ll be using as a monitor. 

Have both ready, and let’s get started. 


To turn your old phone into a security camera, install Alfred on both phones. Pair the phones with the Alfred app, signing into the same Google account on both. Then just place the camera phone where you need it.

Install Alfred on Both Phones

Alfred is a security device app that works for both iPhones and Androids. The company makes home security so easy and simple to give you peace of mind with 24/7 security and motion detection. Their other features include two-way talk, a low-light filter, and a siren. 

Login With Your Gmail Account

 After you install the app on both phones, it’ll prompt you to log in using your Gmail account. 

Be sure to use the same Google account to log in on both devices. Assign the old phone as the Camera and set the phone you currently use as the Viewer. 

Set Up the Camera

Once you pair up the phones, position the Camera phone where you want to monitor. If you are setting this up as a baby monitor, set up your phone in the nursery where you have good visibility over the crib. 

You also want to set it up where the power outlet is, so it can be powered to provide 24/7 monitoring. 

Keep in mind that their free version provides limited service with ads. If you are looking for their full-service capability, there is an upgraded service with a monthly premium. 

Nevertheless, the Alfred makes it so easy to turn your old phone into a security camera to use as a supplementary security monitoring system. 

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