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Learn Computer Programming and Coding With These 9 Free Online Courses By Harvard and MIT

Learning the basics of computer programming and coding can bring an arsenal of opportunities.

You can not only leverage your coding and programming skills to up your earning potential but also have more career flexibility. 

But if you are new to the coding space, where do you begin? Why not start with the top-name institutions’ best free online programming courses?

From Python to Java Script, you can learn the basics of computer programming and web design with these online courses from Harvard, MIT, and Yale. 

1) Introduction to Programming with Scratch

New to coding? This free Harvard course will teach you the basics of programming like functions, loops, and variables using Scratch. This is an introductory course in computer programming and requires no prior coding experience. This course is free to audit or get a certificate for $199. 

2) Introduction to Computer Science

This is an introductory course on computer science and programming. It covers concepts like algorithms, data structures, and web development. It helps to have some familiarity with C, Python, SQL, and JavaScript. Auditing this course is free. 

3) Introduction to Game Development

Get hands-on experience with game development with this CS50 Harvard course. You’ll explore the design of childhood games like Super Mario Bros, Angry Birds, and Pokemon. You’ll also learn how graphics, sound, and animation come together using frameworks like Unity. If you’ve been eager to build your own game, this is the course for you. You can audit for free or get a certificate for $199. 

4) Web Programming with Python and JavaScript

Dive right into the design and implementation of applications using Python, JavaScript, and SQL. This course helps you gain an understanding of using frameworks like Django and Boostrap.

Gain some hands-on experience building apps from designing UIs to using APIs. By the end of the course, you’ll have the knowledge and experience to design and deploy web applications. 

This is a self-paced 12-week program that requires about 6-9 hours a week of work. Get started on EdX for free. 

5) Mobile App Development with React Native

Interested in building mobile apps? Check out this Harvard course. 

This introductory course teaches you the basics of mobile app development using React Native. It’s a framework supported by Facebook that enables you to build cross-platform apps using JavaScript. 

This is a 13-week archived Harvard programming course you can get started anytime on EdX. 

6) Introduction to Programming with Python

Learn the popular programming language, Python with this intro to Python. You’ll gain an understanding of web programming, and data science, as well as reading and writing in Python. Learn basic programming like functions, loops, and expressions through lots of practice! No software or prior experience is required. 

It’s a 10-week program you can progress at your own speed. 


7) Introduction to Computer Science and Programming in Python

Learn the basic programming concepts and how to program in Python with this MIT’s introductory course. You don’t need prior programming experience to take this course, and you’ll learn how to write small-scale programs in Python. 

Download the course for free from the MIT OpenCourseWare. 

8) Introduction to Computational Thinking and Data Science 

This is a continuation of the first MIT course on computer science and Python. 

The full course syllabus and materials are online for free. 

9) Programming for the Puzzled

Want to practice writing Python more? Here is a fun class on computer programming in Python using algorithmic puzzles. You need a basic understanding and familiarity with Python syntax to solve each puzzle. A perfect class for any chess lover getting into programming. 

Download the course on the MIT site to access the course syllabus, assignments, and examples. 

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