The Perfect 15-Minute Ab Workout

The Perfect 15-Minute Ab Workout, Says a Top Trainer

The best and ultimate ab workout doesn’t need to take hours in the gym. It also doesn’t need to involve thousands of crunches or sit-ups, just to penetrate the ab muscles repeatedly for six-pack abs. 

Fortunately, building a stronger core and rock-solid abs isn’t as time-consuming and complex as you may think.

All you need is 15 minutes or less to work your abs and see solid results. 

Truth is, your abs and core aren’t just for aesthetic envy. 

Your core is quite functional and involved in all movements in and out of the gym without you even knowing it. It gets fired up when you walk, stand, sit, and rotate.

This is because your abs and core are responsible for holding up your posture and keeping your spine stable whether your body is in motion or not. 

It’s also one of the first muscle groups that get activated for stability and range of motion when you do other moves like presses and Wood chops. 

In your ultimate 15-minute ab workout, you want to focus on the movements the core is responsible for.

This will not only smartly prep your abs and core for better functions but also for properly firing the right muscles. 

15-Minute Ultimate Ab Workout

The best ab workout is both intensely engaging and highly functional. Your abs and core are used in flexing, rotating, bending, and bracing. 

In this quick workout, you’ll be performing each of the jobs of the core to help it strengthen and create rock-solid abs. 

This ab workout consists of 3 core exercises. You’ll be spending about 1 minute on each exercise, followed by 1-minute rest. Complete 2-3 sets according to your current fitness level. 

You won’t count reps in this workout; instead, you’ll focus on moving with precision for time.

For the first two exercises, do each move for 45 seconds, then rest for 15 seconds. Follow the rep’s instructions on the final move. Rest for one minute between each exercise.

Mountain Climber

Mountain Climber

Mountain climbers are an effective way to engage the core muscles while also burning some serious calories. It’s one exercise that requires you to brace your core while your feet move rigorously. 

  • Start in the top phase of the pushup position, with hands about shoulder-width apart and toes about hip-width apart.
  • Quickly jump your right knee toward your chest.
  • Then, as you jump the right leg back to the starting position, simultaneously jump the left knee toward your chest.
  • Repeat this alternating pattern for the duration of the exercise.
  • Complete 45-60 seconds, 2-3 sets. 

Medicine Ball Slams

Medicine Ball Slams

This medicine ball exercise trains your abs and core to brace and bend in an explosive way.

If you are a beginner, use a non-bounce ball to avoid getting hit in the face. It also requires you to squat down and pick up the ball after each rep to burn more calories and work your abs. 

  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart with your knees slightly bent. Grab a non-bounce medicine ball off the ground by squatting down. 
  • Lift the ball over your head, get on your tip toes, and slam the ball down to the floor right in front of you, using your core. When you slam the ball, make sure not to rely on the back muscles. Hinge at the hips and engage your core to bring the power. 
  • Pick up the medicine ball off the ground and repeat. 

Bicycle Crunches

Bicycle Crunches

The classic bicycle crunch is one ab workout that incorporates the rotational movement of your torso. It’s perfect for increasing abdominal and core strength while building six-pack abs. 

  • Lie flat on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor.
  • Place your hands on your temples, not behind your head. This will ensure that you don’t pull on your neck when the exercise gets hard.
  • Kick your right leg straight out as you simultaneously bend your left knee toward your chest.
  • As you do this, twist your trunk to the left, bringing your right elbow toward your left knee.
  • Repeat this pattern on the other side, and alternate in this fashion for the duration of the exercise
  • Complete 12-15 reps per set, 2-3 sets per session, and 2-3 sessions per week.

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