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Lose Your Gut Fast With This 15-Minute Workout, Trainer Says

Speed up your belly fat loss with this quick 15-minute workout routine.

The stomach is one area many men carry much of their extra fat. It’s also one of the hardest areas for men to lose weight in. The unwanted gut or pot belly is a result of inactivity, consuming too much alcohol, or eating too many calories. 

Sometimes, it’s a combination of all three. 

In order to lose the gut or pot belly, you’ll want to start exercising and watch your calorie intake and what you eat and drink. 

For your activities, you want to perform strength training workouts at least 3 times per week and get cardio on the other days.

In this article, I’ll share the best 15 minutes belly fat workout that’ll help you shrink your waistline in no time.

I know most men struggle with getting their workouts in due to their busy schedules between work, family, and social gatherings. 

If that’s you, this 15-minute belly-fat melting workout is perfect for you. You don’t need a gym. All you need is a pair of dumbbells to perform this quick workout. 

These are mostly compound exercises, so you hit more muscles and burn more calories with every move. 

If you are ready to lose the pot belly fat and grab a pair of dumbbells and an exercise mat and let’s go. 

1. Jump Rope

Jump Rope

Jumping rope is an effective anaerobic exercise that strengthens your quads, calves, and core. It can also help you improve your concentration, tempo, and coordination. 

  1. Grab a handle of your jump rope in each hand. Step over your rope so it’ll be behind you. To start, rotate your wrists and forearms to bring the rope over your head. As the rope swings overhead, bend your knees and jump to let your rope get through underneath your feet. 
  2. Land lightly and repeat. In the beginning, go slow to get the timing of your rope swinging underneath your feet and your jump. 
  3. Once you get a hang of the timing, your can pick up the speed but still concentrate on the timing of your jump. As you jump, stay on the balls of your feet. 
  4. Perform this for 3 minutes continuously. 

2. Dumbbell Squats

Dumbbell Squats

Dumbbell squats are an excellent move for your core, hamstrings, and glutes. Though it’s not a direct core exercise, your entire core is engaged every time you squat down. 

  1. Stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, holding a dumbbell in each hand by your sides.
  2. Hinge your hips back and slowly lower your body to squat down until your thighs are parallel to the floor.
  3. Hold for 1-2 seconds at the bottom then slowly return to the starting position.
  4. Continue for 8-10 reps and complete 2-3 sets.

3. Renegade Row

Renegade Row

Engage your core and abs with this plank variation exercise. 

  1. Place two dumbbells on the floor shoulder-width apart. Get into a high plank position with your feet and hands on the floor. 
  2. Grab a dumbbell in each hand so your hands are elevated off the floor. Maintain a neutral wrist position.
  3. Tighten your core and keep your entire body in one straight line. Row your right dumbbell up to the side of your rib cage using your shoulder blade. 
  4. Keeping your body stable and in control, lower the dumbbell to the starting position. Repeat on the other side. 
  5. Continue for 10-15 reps for 1 set. Rest and repeat 2-3 sets.

4. Deadlift

Dumbbell Deadlift
  1. Stand upright with your feet hip-width apart. Hold a dumbbell in each hand with an overhand grip, with your palms facing the front of your thighs. 
  2. Pull your shoulder blades down towards your back pockets and engage your core to start. This will also help you keep your low back flat and neutral. 
  3. Keeping a slight bend in your knees, bend at the waist. Hinge back and push your tailbone back and slowly lower the dumbbells.
  4. Continue to lower your dumbbells until you feel a slight stretch in the back of your legs. 
  5. Squeeze your glutes and lift your torso back into your starting position. This is one rep—complete 3 sets of 10 reps. 

5. Russian Twist

Russian Twist
  1. Sit with your knees bent and back straight. Bring your arms together in front of your chest. 
  2. Lean back slightly so your torso and legs form the shape of a V. 
  3. Engage your abdominals and twist your torso from side to side without losing balance. 
  4. Repeat 8-10 reps per side and complete 2-3 sets. 

6. Windshield 

  1. Lie on your back on a yoga mat and rest your arms at your sides. Bend your knees and lift your legs up until your calves are almost parallel to the ground. (midcitiespsychiatry)
  2. Engage your core and lower your legs to the right toward the ground and pause when they almost touching the ground. 
  3. With control, return to the center and repeat on the other side. 
  4. Complete a total of 10 reps per side for 2-3 sets. 

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