19 Irresistible Keto Dinner Recipes to Make Tonight

These 19 keto dinner recipes prove that you don’t need carbs to create delicious, comforting meals for you and your family.

Not only that, most of them are ready 30 minutes or less.

With pasta, pizza, and stroganoff, this list is full of dishes your family already loves done the keto way.

If you’ve ever had to miss out on your indulgence being on keto, those days are over.

You are about to throw Keto Pizza, game day Buffalo chicken wings, and low-carb casserole into the oven.

Ready? Let’s get started.

Here are the 19 irresistible low-carb dinner recipes to add to your keto menu.

1. Keto Casserole with a Chicken Parmesan Twist

If you love chicken casserole and are on a keto diet, you’ll love this recipe. 

It’s an incredibly easy dinner recipe that’s rich in flavors and dangerously cheesy. It’s comfort food that’s perfectly designed for keto dieters. Especially if you love Chicken Parmesan, don’t miss this easy keto dinner recipe. 

Easy Keto Dinners by Carolyn Ketchum.

2. 2-Ingredient Keto Pasta

Rejoice! This keto pasta recipe is neither a zoodle nor a shirataki noodle. It’s actually chewy in a similar way regular pasta is but just a tad cheesy, which is not a bad thing in my book at all. 

Though I have to be honest. It’s still has a way to go in terms of selling you on the idea that it’s a perfect keto pasta substitute. It doesn’t twirl around your fork, but with just how easy this recipe is, you really can’t complain. All you need is mozzarella cheese and eggs.

To pair, you can get a jar of carb and sugar-free marinara sauce or go with this keto pesto sauce. 

3. 4-Ingredient Keto Pizza Crust

If you’ve been looking for an awesome keto crust pizza, look no further. This coconut flour fathead pizza crust is the closest thing to real wheat pizza crust. Without wheat of course. 

Like the 2-ingredient pasta, it’s pretty much egg and cheese with an addition of coconut flour. 

With each slice netting just 2g in carbs, this is perfect for even on a night you are tight on your carb budget.

4. Keto Broccoli Cheddar Soup

This is another one of my all-time favorite soup recipes that just happen to be keto. 

It’s perfectly mild and cheesy without the fat content being too overwhelming. Since I tend to like my soup thinner and soupier, I opt out of xanthan gum. I also use sodium-free chicken broth to control the saltiness. 

It’s a done in 30 minutes kind of meal that’s perfect for your weeknight. It’s also crowd-pleasing and kid-approved!

5. Keto Meatballs

If you pack lunch for work or school, you need as many variations of non-juicy items that won’t leak. One recipe I routinely use and put in my lunch box along with veggie sticks is this Keto Meatballs. It’s easy, simple, and takes only 5 ingredients. 

I also love that all the ingredients are affordable and accessible. And most likely, you already have them all in your fridge since they are all keto staple foods. 

For dinner, I prep another sheet of a pan with low-carb veggies like asparagus and bell peppers. Season them with salt and pepper, drizzle avocado oil, and sprinkle parmesan cheese on top. Put it in the oven with the pan of meatballs for a full meal. 

6. Beef Stroganoff with Sour Cream 

This recipe is from Ketodietrule.com and it has raving fans. It’s also easy, simple, and quite fast to make. 

I love that it’s not too thick or too heavy. It’s just perfectly hearty and great for a cold winter day.

I always try to make extra for leftovers, but our family usually ends up finishing all that I make.

So if you are on a tight calorie budget, I recommend making just enough for one meal! it’s so easy to overeat this delicious dish.

Serve it over cauliflower rice to stay keto-compatible. 

7. Keto Caesar Salad Recipe

If you have keto-friendly dressings already made at home, this recipe requires no cooking. 

All you have to do is to plate your salad and pre-made rotisserie chicken. And the thing is a delicious salad like this doesn’t make me feel guilty for not cooking.

You put out a bowl full of salad with nice-sized chicken slices on top, everyone in your family can’t wait to dig in. 

I highly suggest that you make the keto caesar dressing ahead over the weekend or on a slow day to cut time on a busy night. 

8. Keto Avocado Chicken Salad Recipe

When you buy a rotisserie chicken, you always end up with leftover chicken. Here is the perfect keto salad recipe you can make with your left-over chicken. 

Though the recipe here calls for poached chicken, I use store-bought rotisserie chicken. This way, I can save some time and use up all that’s left of the chicken.

I usually serve this over a green salad. You can also serve it with keto bread or cauliflower rice. If you need to up your fat intake, even more, I’d serve it on an avocado cup just to make sure I get an additional scoop of fat. 

9. Creamy Chicken Marsala Recipe

I crave something exotic to eat more often than once a week. To me, chicken marsala is the perfect dish for a night like that.

The best thing about it is it’s really easy to make too. 

It’s one of those recipes that you wonder where the punch in flavors comes from, but it’s there in your first bite.

I promise, one bite is all it takes you to say wow and become a lifelong fan of this chicken marsala. 

Next time chicken breast goes on sale, stock it up. You’ll need it for this recipe. 

10. Keto Pork Tenderloin

Got a cast iron but it doesn’t get enough use? That’s me. I need one epic recipe to bring out my cast iron, and this keto recipe is it. 

And what I love the most about this pork dish is that a full meal is all in one skillet. It means very minimum dishes and little cleanup after. Also, the majority of the cooking is done in the oven. 

It’s a perfect weeknight meal that’s ready in less than 30 minutes. 

11. Keto Buffalo Chicken Wings

Since the football season is just around the corner, it’s only right that I include chicken wings. 

I don’t know about you, but my most favorite chicken wings flavor is buffalo. There is something about the sour and hot combo that makes me drool. 

This recipe is the easiest one you can find and there is hardly any cooking involved, yet you get yummy wings at the end. That’s the kind of recipe I know you can appreciate too. 

Making this at a super bowl party? You can have your wings baked ahead and just finish off the last coating part before serving. I bet all the wings will be gone in minutes! 

12. Keto Meatloaf Recipe

Have a dinner party and looking to impress your guests? Here is the Keto Meatloaf recipe you can serve to wow your guests. 

And what I like about it is that whether you are a keto eater or not, you’ll love this juicy and moist meatloaf. The secret is in the glaze. It’s not ketchup. It’s more like gravy but with a hint of tomatoes. It makes this meatloaf stand out for sure. It’s also a perfect way to elevate your everyday meatloaf. 

Serve it with a side of asparagus and on top of cauliflower mush to make it a complete low-carb dinner. 

13. Keto Macaroni and Cheese

Feeding my daughter a conventional out-of-box macaroni and cheese always makes me cringe. But thankfully, this keto recipe totally changed the game of the traditional mac-n-cheese. 

It’s made with cauliflower and real cheddar. While the author suggests boiling cauliflower in the water first, I omit this step. I actually like to be able to bite into the cauliflower and have a bit of a different texture in there. 

This recipe, in particular, is also easy to make and done in one pot. Next time you crave cheesy comfort food, try this keto macaroni and cheese sans macaroni. 

14. Keto Taco Salad Recipe

Are you feeling a taco night on a keto diet? or Are you in need of a meal prep idea that’s perfect for work lunch the next day? 

Here is one recipe that’s perfect for both your next taco night at your place or lunch for work during the week. 

It’s Taco Salad with ground turkey with a selection of greens and fresh veggies. It’s a healthy meal that’s both light, yet fulfilling. 

While I totally spend extra 5 minutes making the homemade dressing, I’d save time on the taco spices. Instead of making my taco seasonings, I usually buy a GF, no-sugar taco seasonings at the store. 
It’s a way for me to make cooking less hectic and far less stressful on a weeknight. 

Regardless of your preference, this taco salad recipe is a perfect one for your taco night. 

15. Keto Barbecue Ribs

I didn’t grow up in a family that eats ribs. If we did, it was always at some restaurant. So until now, I never really knew how ribs were made. I always assumed some complicated process must go into making perfectly rubbed ribs. 

So when I first saw this recipe, I almost didn’t believe how easy it is to make barbecue ribs. But with this recipe, I learned that the secret is in the blend of spices. Because ultimately, that’s what gives the burst of flavors. 

While the recipe is easy, its baking time is over 2 hours. I suggest making this on a weekend or when you have extra time on your hand. 

16. Low-Carb Chili without Beans

Being on a keto diet has you avoid anything carb-heavy like beans. 

But that doesn’t mean you can’t have chili on a keto diet. True. It won’t be the same chili you used to have, but nevertheless, it’s delicious and equally hearty. 

If you prefer cooking with a crockpot or instant pot, this recipe has its instructions for it as well.  

17. Keto Clam Chowder, Dairy Free

If you are tired of having cheese in everything by now, you’ll like this recipe. The soup is very creamy in the way chowder is but without cheese or cream. 

Instead, you’ll be using cauliflower and ghee. It’s a nice way to take a break from dairy while still enjoying a bowl of chowder. 

If you are a dairy-free keto dieter, this recipe is for you.  

18. Keto Cobb Salad

If any salad is keto-friendly that would be Cobb salad. It has avocado, lettuce which is low in carbs, and protein from bacon and eggs. 

There isn’t much actual cooking involved, and I really like that about this salad. I usually boil some eggs over the weekend to prep for the week ahead. Bacon is the same thing. I cook some extra when I make bacon in the morning, so I have some of that rest in the fridge. 

It’s a perfect salad to make on a really busy night using extras in the fridge.

19. Keto Skillet Fajitas

I love fajita. I love it’s rich in flavor. When using lettuce as a wrap, I actually like it even more. It’s far more refreshing and light and doesn’t bloat me at the end. 

While there are many recipes out there, my favorite one is this recipe. It’s easy enough, a one-skillet recipe, and done in 25 minutes. 

If you love fajitas, check out this dinner fajitas.

Final Thoughts

I hope these delicious Keto dinner recipes will make your weekly night meal prepping much easier, especially when cooking for more than one.


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