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What Exercise Burns the Most Belly Fat? 7 Exercises

Looking for exercises that burn the most belly fat? Look no more.

They’re all here. 

When you think of doing exercises to lose belly fat, you think of a thousand crunches and sit-ups. While you know ab and core workouts certainly are part of it, it’s not all of it. 

You hear top fitness trainers recommend high-intensity interval training. All while, others swear by low-intensity cardio for losing tummy fat. 

What you want is to maximize your time at the gym by doing the exercise that works best. 

So what’s really the best exercise for belly fat? 

What Exercises Burn the Most Belly Fat?

We are here to debunk the truth on the best methods to lose your stomach fat. And 7 exercises that’ll have the most impact on reducing your belly.  

Let’s unravel the confusion surrounding belly fat burning exercises.

7 Exercises to Burn the Most Belly Fat 

What’s a better way to get you started than giving you the practical and best way to lose belly fat?  

Here, we listed 7 exercises that burn belly fat quickly and get you to flaunt your flat tummy in no time. 

Read on to start burning calories like crazy and get toned abs with these most effective fat burning exercises. 

1. Running 

When in search of what exercise burns the most calories, running is almost always named amongst the top (1). 

That’s because running is one of the ultimate cardio exercises for weight loss and calorie-burning. And it’s an effective exercise for your belly fat. 

Sure, it doesn’t target your belly fat in no specific way. But it contributes to shedding pounds and losing fat. Research has shown the running is amongst the best at burning calories and losing weight. It’s also extremely effective at reducing your body fat percentage. 

As for speed, the best speed is the one you can keep up with. Sure, moving faster burns more calories, but if you can’t keep it up for 10-20 minutes, what’s the point? 

So find your pace, and go for a 20-30 minute run every day. 

The perks of doing cardio or aerobic exercise aren’t just losing visceral fat. Health benefits of cardio fat go far beyond your fat loss and fat burn. 

According to research, regular cardio sessions can help prevent type 2 diabetes, weight gain, and even heart disease. (2,3)

You’ll start slimming down and your tummy fat will start shrinking too. 


Too often, people underestimate the effectiveness of a rowing machine. And that’s a shame.  

This stationary exercise machine can give you a serious sweat session that works your whole body.  

It’s incredibly effective at burning calories and engaging your abs and core. 

According to a 2015 study, those who participated in a 6-week rowing program saw a significant decrease in fat mass and total body fat percent (4).  

All in all, it’s excellent cardio that targets both your problem area and fat burning. 

The only catch is that you need a gym that has this machine. If your gym has one, make it a habit of including this into your fat-burning workout. 

2. Elliptical 

For those who find pavements too hard on the joints and knees, there is elliptical. You can have a cardio exercise just as effective as running on this indoor cardio machine. 

In fact, with an elliptical trainer, you can even up your calorie-burning by increasing your intensity or adjusting the slope. 

You can also create intervals to add more fat-burning to your cardio workout. 

To shed most calories on an elliptical, alternate slow and fast intervals. For more advanced exercisers, add slopes to the mix and keep your slow intervals short for more fat burning. 

3. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

HIIT is known as a magic bullet to fat loss. It’s also very effective in burning abdominal fat. 

HIIT stands for High-interval Training. It’s a workout that alternates between short bursts of high-intensity exercises and short rest. 

This workout method keeps your heart rate up and increases your resting metabolism. As a result, it leads to massive fat burn and fat loss. 

Studies show HIIT is also a time-efficient way to lose fat. 

One Australian study compared the effects of HIIT and traditional cardio, cycling on fat loss. In this study, one group performed 20-minute HIIT sessions three times a week. The other carried out a 40-minute low-intensity cycling session.  

After 15 weeks, the HIIT group lost far more stomach fat than the cycling group. They lost 2.5kg more subcutaneous fat, a type of fat the lies over the visceral fat than their counterpart. (5)  

What’s remarkable is that HIIT gets you to burn calories and fat quickly, in half the time of the other traditional cardio.  

Want to burn more fat? Pair this with intermittent fasting. Combining HIIT and fasting can possibly be considered the best way to burn belly fat. 

4. Weight Training 

Will weight training reduce belly fat? is a common question I get asked often. 

The short answer is yes. But it burns belly fat it in a different way than the cardio exercises. 

Cardio like running and elliptical burns a lot of calories and helps you lose weight and fat. 

But it doesn’t tone your body or build muscle. Weight training does. 

By building more lean muscle with weight training, your body will keep burning fat all day, every day. In short, it’ll turn your body into a fat-burning machine by upping metabolism (6). It naturally also leads to burning your tummy fat. 

Think of weight training as an exercise that almost only burns fat. Whereas cardio burns calories, fat, and even muscle. If you are overweight, you need both cardio and weight training. 

5. Full-Body Exercises 

Full-body strength exercises are an absolute must for massive fat loss. Like weight training, full-body exercises add muscles to your body and increases fat burn. 

This is because lean muscle increases your resting metabolism that burns calories and fat. 

By working your full-body, you are also cutting your workout time in half and being more efficient. 

6. Abs and Core Exercises 

Last but not least, abs and core exercises. 

You know the crunches, sit-ups, and even reverse crunches work the abs like no other. They are timeless classics, trusted by millions for over a decade. 

But repeating the same exercises can become stagnated quickly. Not to mention, you tend to miss certain parts of your abs and core. 

To effectively target your trunk as a whole, you must mix and match several abs exercises. 

That way, you can be sure to hit your side abs, lower abs, core, and front of the abs to give your abs the total shaping it needs. 

Here are 25 of my top abs and core exercises to tone your stomach area and lose belly fat. Select a few to add to your workout routines.

To Wrap Up

Best Exercise to lose belly fat happens to be a combination of different types of exercises. And your best approach should depend on whether you need to lose weight too. 

Generally speaking, combining cardio with strength training is the fastest approach. Together, it creates belly fat burning workouts that help you shed pounds and burn belly fat. In your strength training, don’t forget to combine full-body and abs exercises. Use weight when appropriate, but if you are a beginner, using your body weight can be a great place to start. 

Let’s also not forget the importance of a belly fat diet. To fight off the increased belly fat, the change needs to come from your diet as well as your physical activity. Be sure to stick to clean eating and get moving! 

Before you begin a new exercise regimen, check with your local specialist. 

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