Wrist pain exercises

5+ Wrist Pain Exercises To Relieve Pain and Prevent Injury

Wrist pain can be excruciatingly painful and gets in the way of everyday tasks like writing, typing, and carrying grocery bags.

Repetitive hand movements like typing and driving can be a killer for your wrist. Not only they can create stiffness in your wrists and hands, but they also become weak with repetitive use.

Adding simple exercises to your daily routine can help strengthen your wrists and ease the pain.

They can also add flexibility and range of motion to keep your wrist joint healthy and less prone to pain and aches.

6 wrist pain exercises
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Here are 6 exercises to relieve wrist pain

Here are 6 exercises to relieve wrist pain
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Wrist Rotation

  • Bring your thumb and the rest of the fingers together.
  • Gently rotate your wrists to one side as far as you can go. Return and
  • repeat on the other side. Continue for 20 seconds.

Tilt Back

  • Tilt your wrist back and keep your palm open and toward the ceiling.
  • Tilt your wrist farther to feel the stretch in your forearm,
  • Return slowly and repeat for 10 seconds.
  • Repeat on the opposite side for 10 more seconds.


  • Make a fist and gently and with control, move your fist up and down as in hammering a nail.
  • Continue for 10 seconds and repeat on the other side.

Wrist Stretch

  • Hold the right arm out in front of you at your chest level.
  • Extend the elbow and keep your arm straight. Bring your palm out and rotate your wrist down.
  • Gently pull your fingers back with your left hand. Hold a few seconds and release. Continue for 10 seconds.
  • Repeat on the other side for another 10 seconds.

Resistance Press

  • Extend your right arm out in front of you and keep your elbow straight.
  • Rotate your wrist down and keep your palm facing your body.
  • Use your left hand to gently press the hand toward your body while doing your best to resist the push. Take a break every 2-3 seconds to release the pressure. Do 10 seconds per side.

Fist Rotations

  • Make a fist and gently rotate it horizontally to your left and right.
  • Switch sides after 10 seconds and complete on the other side.

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