Superman Exercise: How to Do Perform It Correctly

Superman Exercise

What is the Superman exercise good for?

The Superman exercise is an effective bodyweight exercise that works the glutes and lower back muscles.

It’s great for building strength in the lower body all while engaging your upper body at the same time.

It is a simple, yet very effective way to train and strengthen those core muscles that rarely get used.

For example, exercises like crunches and situps often neglect the lower back muscles. Superman exercise supplements and compensates those by engaging your trunk as a whole.

More specifically, this floor workout uses the abs and core to further engage your lower body.

This is a huge advantage for your mobility and flexibility.

That’s because your core is the muscles that link your upper and lower body—as well as shoulders, arms, and butt.

You need a strong and flexible core for even minor movements you make in your daily life.

Inversely, a weak and inflexible core can impair how well you function and lessen your range. Not to mention, it drains power from many of the moves you make.

Needless to say, training your core should be an important part of your workout program.

The Superman—is one exercise that’s easy to add to any workout regimen. It requires no equipment, space, nor years of experience to perform.

You can do this simple glutes and core exercises right at home, even as an exercise beginner.

This article explains how to perform the superman exercise correctly.

How to Do the Superman Exercise Correctly

1. Lie face down on your stomach with arms fully extended over your head and legs straight back. Keep your neck in a neutral position by looking straight down.

Superman exercise position 1

2. Contract your glutes to lift both your arms and legs off the floor towards the ceiling. Stop when you feel a flex in your lower back. Your torso needs to stay in contact with the ground.

Superman exercise position 2

3. Hold for 2-3 seconds and lower your arms and legs back to the starting position. Continue for the prescribed number of repetitions.

Tips for The Keeping Superman Exercise Safe

  • Keep your chin tucked throughout.
  • Breathe normally and avoid holding your breath.
  • Keep your elbows slightly flexed.
  • Avoid hyperextending your back by raising by lifting legs too high.

Target muscles

  • Lower back (Erector Spinae)
  • GLuteal muscles
  • Hamstrings

Here’s a print-out to reference when performing the exercise. It also includes instructions and recommended reps and sets.

The Bottom Line

The Superman exercise is a simple bodyweight exercise you can do at home to keep your body strong. Just be sure to prioritize the correct form. If anytime you feel discomfort, stop performing the exercise right away.

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