Planking Frog Tuck Exercise

A flat stomach requires two simple strategies healthy eating and exercising. But what’s essential in your exercise is not complicated abs workout or fancy exercise equipment like many belief.

What you need is the workout that fully works your whole body and engages the entire midsection. 

And bodyweight move like this planking frog tuck is just the perfect exercise that works your whole body including your abs, legs, arms and brings high muscle activation levels in the core. 

So What Is Planking Frog Tuck? 

It is a plank variation exercise that challenges your full-body, isometrically engaging your core and abs, while dynamically moving one foot up to the chest level at a time.

You can certainly feel the burn in your abs, and quickly learn your lower body is at work too. 

It’s not only a great way to up your plank game, but also an efficient way to incorporate heart-pumping moves into a static workout.

In the end, it’s an abs and core workout that tones and strengthens your midriff, and scores you the flat abs you want. 

Keep reading to learn how to perform the exercise correctly.

How to do the Planking Frog Tuck

  1. Start in a push-up position. With your arms fully extended, tighten your abs and bring your right foot forward so that it is beside your right hand. 
  2. Straighten this leg back to the starting position, and bring your left foot forward so that it is beside your left hand. Repeat as many times as you can.

Exercise Table

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There you have it! 

The planking frog tuck is an effective full-body exercise that engages your abs and your core. And it can easily be performed in just two steps.

No-fancy exercise equipment is needed to get a great ab workout. Just add a simple bodyweight exercise like this planking frog tuck.

And remember proper nutrition plays a big role in seeing the results you want, especially in the stomach. So be sure to supplement your ab workouts with healthy meals and high protein foods. 

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