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5 Advanced Google Search Operators You Need to Yield Laser-Targeted Search Results

Improve your Google searches with advanced search operators to get the more targeted results you need quickly. 

Nowadays, the problem isn’t so much of a lack of information. Rather, it’s filtering it to get the super-targeted information you need. 

Google is a search engine that’s the powerhouse of information, serving more than 8.5 billion searches per day from billions of crawled and indexed pages. 

According to Google, that’s more information than all the libraries in the world combined. 

While you have the whole world’s worth of information at your fingertips, running a simple search may not always land you with the results you need. 

If that’s you, try these advanced Google search operators that’ll help you get the more precise and targeted search results you want. 

It’s a great way to get more out of your Google searches and use the world’s greatest search engine more effectively and accurately. 

5 Advanced Google Search Operators You Need ASAP

1. Price Search $

Looking for a fishing pole with a budget in mind? 

Here are the two best ways to do it depending on what you are looking for. 

One Price

If you have an upper limit or precise price you want to target, type the product term $ price. 

Price operator example: Fishing pole $50

Price Range

Looking for an item in a specific price range? You can set the price range parameter like this. Type product term $ low range price.. $upper range price. 

Price range operator example: Fishing pole $30..$50

2. Exact Match ” “

To get the exact results, put ” ” around your keyword. This is a great way to filter out some ambiguous results and get the results that only contain exactly the term or phrase you want. 

Exact match operator example: “white oak engineered hardwood floor”

You can pair this with the price operator to find something in your price range! 

3. Social Media @

Looking for 3-ingredient pancake recipes on Instagram? Just by adding @instagram to your search term 3-ingredient pancake recipes, 

you can quickly look up all the posts on 3-ingredient pancakes on Instagram. 

This is perfect for DIYers, home cooks, and really, anyone looking for specific travel hacks shared on social media. 

You can apply this to Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and other social media sites as well. 

4. Combine Searches OR

OR operator helps you expand your search and allow you to combine two search terms. For example, college OR university. 

This combined with a specific degree you are interested in like “Chemical Engineering”, can yield more targeted results. 

Instead of typing “OR”, you can also use “|” for the OR operator. 

5. Site:

This site operator allows you to narrow your search to a specific site or specific type of site. 

For example, site: .edu

This would limit your search to only educational institutions with a .edu domain. If you are looking for government info, you can type in the site: .gov

If you want to search within a specific site, you can do that too. 

Example: Creamy Chicken

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