Side plank with rotation

Want Toned Side Abs? Do This Side Plank Variation

If you want to build ripped and strong abs, training your core with a variety of exercises is key. One of the best abdominal exercises you want to include in your workout routine is the side plank with rotation. 

In addition to working your ab and oblique muscles, you also work your lower back, hips, and shoulders. It’s a great exercise for building core strength and stabilization.

Although the side plank with rotation is a plank exercise, it holds the element of both dynamic and static exercises.

You perform a dynamic twisting motion while holding the isometric side bridge position. 

The side plank with rotation is more challenging than a classic side plank. It requires strength and stability to perform with proper form. 

If you are new, please start with the basic side plank before you do this advanced plank. 

If your fitness level allows you to hold a side plank for 60 seconds or more, try this dynamic side plank.

It’s not only a great way to challenge yourself but also to spice up your abs workout routine.

How to do the side plank with rotation:

The side plank with rotation
  1. Lie down on the floor on your left side. Position your elbow directly under your right shoulder. Stack your legs, knees, ankles, and feet together. 
  2. Engage your abs and push your right elbow against the floor as you lift up your glutes and hips off the floor. Form a straight line from your right shoulder to your right foot. Extend your right arm up. 
  3. Rotate your torso downwards and reach under your body with your right arm. Rotate back to the side plank with the arm up position (Step 2). (Ultram) Repeat 10-12 times before switching sides. 


  • Don’t drop your head. Keep your head in line with your body at all times. 

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