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How to Bulk Unsubscribe Emails in Gmail – Clear Your Inbox!

Is your Gmail inbox getting clogged with unwanted emails? Here is how to bulk unsubscribe emails in Gmail and clear your inbox. 

With companies sending out a massive amount of promotional emails a day to each subscriber, it’s no wonder unwanted emails pile up so quickly in your inbox. 

To clear your Gmail inbox and keep it clutter-free, it’s essential to review and unsubscribe from those that no longer interest you. 

Luckily, Gmail makes it easy to tackle decluttering and unsubscribing tasks in mass. Though, here is the disclaimer. 

It’s not quite a one-click solution like deleting all unread emails in Gmail. But it provides an extremely easy and quick method to unsubscribe from any email campaigns and even clear your inbox as you go. 

If you do this periodically like every month or quarter, you’ll never have an unmanageable email account. 

Here is how to bulk unsubscribe emails in Gmail in 3 steps. 

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Step 1: Search ‘Unsubscribe’

The first step is to filter through your entire email and have a list of emails with a live ‘unsubscribe’ button. To do that, go to the Gmail search bar at the top of the inbox and type ‘Unsubscribe’. 

Hit ‘Enter’ and watch Gmail returns you with a list of emails you have the option to unsubscribe. 

Step 2: Unsubscribe

Open one of the emails. Notice that next to the sender’s info, there is a grey text link that says ‘Unsubscribe’. This is a live link that Gmail embedded at the top of the email to simplify your unsubscribing process. 

This allows you to bypass searching for the unsubscribe link in small fine print at the end of the email. 

It gives you a much quicker way to unsubscribe yourself from email subscriptions you are no longer interested in. 

Once you click on the grey text ‘Unsubscribe’ button Gmail provided, you’ll see a pop-up asking to confirm your intent to unsubscribe. 

If you are looking to proceed, click the ‘Unsubscribe’ button in the right bottom corner of the pop-up. 

Step 4: Receive a confirmation message

Once you unsubscribe, Gmail gives you a confirmation message in the grey box at the top of the email. It also provides you an option to move the email to the spam folder. 

If you move it to the spam folder, the email gets removed from the list. 

Step 5: Repeat 

That’s it. You just opt out of email subscriptions you no longer want. Go down the list of emails and repeat this process until you finish unsubscribing. 

In the coming days, you’ll notice a drastic difference in the number of unwanted emails you receive per day! 

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