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5 Places To Earn Free Online Certificates and Get In-demand Job Skills

Learning a new skill and earning certificates is a great way to boost your job skills and set yourself apart in the job market. 

But too often, those courses are quite costly. They can cost anything from hundreds per class to thousands depending on the institution.

Luckily, there are also over a dozen ways to earn free online certificates. These courses are from credible institutions like Harvard and other online learning platforms. 

Whether you are in IT, marketing, or administration, these free online certificates may help lead you to career advancement. 

1. Allison 

Allison is an online learning platform that offers a wide selection of free online courses and certifications. Their certificate programs are job-specific and designed to boost your workplace skills. 

You’ll find online certificates that are relevant in management, healthcare, marketing, and IT. Besides professional development certificates, you’ll find courses for personal growth, parenting, and caregiving. 

As of today, they have 3517 free online courses you can choose from, making them a great place to get started in earning free online certificates. 

2. Google 

Google offers a free online certificate program on Google IT Automation. It’s called Google IT Automation with Python Professional Certificate, and it’s beginner-friendly. 

It’s a six-course certificate Google developed to provide tech professionals with in-demand skills. This course teaches you how to problem-solve and automate solutions using Python and IT. 

If your field has a large emphasis on IT automation and you come with good foundational skills in Python, this is a great course to take.

The first 7 days of the course are free. After the trial period ends, the course fee is around $49 per class. You also have the option to apply for financial aid through Coursera. 

Google also offers many other courses you can earn a certificate at the end. Browse through this list of Google career certification programs to get started. You’ll find anything from marketing to IT support, programming to 

3. IBM

Advance your career in data science with IBM’s IBM Data Science Professional Certificate. This course was developed by IBM to expand your data science skills as well as Python, data visualization, and machine learning models. There is no experience requirement, so you can dive into data science and arm yourself with the in-demand knowledge. 

Learn the basics of data science through the hands-on learning opportunities this course offers. The 10-course certificate teaches skills needed for careers in data architecture and engineering. 

This certificate is available on Coursera with a 7-day trial period or free via their financial aid program. 

4. Linkedin

Linkedin is known as a professional network, but it’s not just for networking. It offers great career advancement opportunities through free online certification courses. 

While they have courses across many different industries, one that is in high demand is digital marketing. 

This course Marketing Tools: Digital Marketing Tools and Services is a great one to start. It provides an entryway to online marketing and teaches you from social media to content marketing, tools, and strategies. It teaches you to be an effective online marketer. 

Once you have gone through the course, you’ll earn a certificate. 

There are many other courses on the Linkedin platform you can browse through. 

5. Hubspot Academy 

If you are looking to get into online marketing, there is no better place to learn than Hubspot Academy. 

Hubspot has been a leading marketing academy for decades and truly understands the ins and outs of digital inbound marketing. 

Part of what they do is luckily teaching and educating other marketing professionals. Their certification programs are part of their core belief. 

Whether you are an e-commerce business owner or a professional looking to crossover to marketing, they have free courses for you. 

From content marketing to inbound sales, pick up new skills with Hubspot. 

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