Tone and Tighten Weekly Workout Plan – Week 1

Get ready to whip your body into bikini shape — summer is right around the corner and the bikini season is upon us. To help you lose a few pounds and tone up your abs, legs, and butt in time for your bikini reveal day (4 weeks), Fitwirr expert came up with a “4 week Tone and Tighten Weekly Workout Plan” that will sculpt your muscles all over. This week, we’ll start off with our Week 1 Workout.

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Each week, you will get one workout plan and perform the workout of the week for 3 days a week with a rest day in between. 

For example, your workout on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday will be your rest/recovery day.

Tone and Tighten Weekly Workout Plan

How to perform the workout

There are 4 exercises in each workout. Perform each exercise for 30 seconds and rest for 10 seconds. Move to the next exercise and repeat the pattern. 

Perform as many reps as possible within the allotted time. 

Minimizing the rest time between each exercises (10 seconds!) allows you to keep your heart rate up throughout the workout. This type of high intensity workout method elevates your post workout metabolic rate, thus trigger the “afterburn effect”. While the benefits of the “afterburn effect” are truly endless, it’s worth mentioning that it maximizes your calorie burn after the workout.

By training your body to expend calorie at a higher rate for 24-48 hour post workout, you not only get to expend extra calories but also tap into the body’s fat energy source and melts your fat off your body long after your sweat session.

One of the reasons you are not seeing results from your workouts is because your workout doesn’t tap into the benefits of the “afterburn effect”. You are only focusing on the amount of calories you burn during the workout and not the calorie burn from the post workout hours. Get your body to become more efficient at burning calories even while you are asleep by workout smarter. 

Our Fitwirr expert created this weekly workout plan [week1] specifically to maximize your calorie burn during and after the workout and build lean muscle to tone and tighten your body, so you can wear bikini, skinny jeans and all types of dresses with confidence.

4 Exercises:

  1. Squats
  2. DB Renegade Row
  3. V-Crunches
  4. Mountain Climbers
Misato Alexandre


After making healthy living a priority, Misato lost over 20 lbs in less than 90 days. Instead of weight loss being a dreading experience, living the lifestyle of health and fitness granted her more happiness and joy than ever before. She co-founded Fitwirr to make health and fitness simple for everyone and share her tips through writing evidence-based articles on nutrition, weight loss, and exercise.

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