The perfect morning workout

Rise and shine— Wake up and get moving.

When it comes to exercising in the a.m.., it’s way easier to be a wimp than a warrior—which is bad news, considering how an early sweat session may benefit your body, not to mention your to-do list.

There is no better way to tackle a day and boost your productivity than an early morning workout. 

It raises your energy, improves your blood flow, releases endorphins (a.k.a.. happy hormone), and enhances cognitive acuity (oh, so important in increasing productivity!). 

But in recent study, researchers found there is actually more to a morning workout, especially the one before breakfast.  

It says workout before breakfast helps the body burn more body fat. Comparing to post-breakfast workout, it burns 20% more fat.

Morning exercise to get in shape

Not just that, contrary to popular belief, fasting exercisers don't always end up shoving in a huge breakfast following the workout. 

In fact, it's quite the opposite. 

The researchers of the study found that fasting exercisers have a smaller appetite throughout the day and don't end up consuming the extra calories to make up for the energy expenditure from the workout. 

In other words, there is more going out and coming in. 

It's a win-win for those looking to lose weight and shred your body fat. 

According to Gonzales, one of the study's researchers, the absolute key is your stomach is empty overnight. 

Gonzales explains "In order to lose body fat, we need to use more fat than we consume. Exercise increase the total of energy we expend and a greater proportion of this energy comes from existing fat if the exercise is performed after overnight fast.". 

Despite these amazing benefits of morning workouts, it's too easy for many of us to hit the snooze than hit the gym.  

But there is an easier path. 

Instead of setting your alarm an hour earlier, set it 7 minutes earlier at top. 

You won't have to even get your workout gear out, cause we lined up 3 of our best, shorter than 7 minute bodyweight workouts you can do in your bedroom, in your PJs. 

That's right. 

Save yourself a trip to the gym, and get these workouts in instead. 

You'll get the extra fat burn a pre-breakfast workout promises without the sacrifice. 

And if you don't want to wake up to a 7 minute of vigorous exercises, opt for a calmer yoga session that gets you going and wakes you up to a positive start. 

Your plan of Action: Rise and Shine

5 Minute Morning Yoga Routine

Morning Yoga

Yoga is perfect as an early morning workout routine— it's no doubt, a great and positive way to start your day. 

Not only these feel-good yoga poses stretch your muscles and lengthen your spine, they will also provide an invigorating surge of energy that will help you crush the day ahead. 

This morning yoga sequence is a great way to center your mind and rejuvenate your body. 

Grab this five minute morning yoga routine.

6-Minute Morning Workout

6 Minute morning workout

Short and sweet— burn calories and fat in just 6 minutes before hitting the shower and eating breakfast. 

This is really all you need to lose weight, get in shape and shred your body fat. 

This 6 minute morning exercise routine uses nothing but your own body as resistance, so there is no excuse left. 6 minutes of high-intensity, no rest, 4-exercises done in a circuit will most definitely turbocharge your metabolism, open the vascular flood gates, and invigorate surge of energy that will crush fat.

It's our most popular workout, and hundreds of thousands of women already gave this workout a try and loved it. 
We know you'll love this one too!

7 Minute Workout Challenge

Push-up exercise for morning workout

This 7-minute workout is going to give you the longest and shortest 7 minutes of your life.

With a short, rapid-fire series of body weight exercises, you'll get your heart rate up in no time and feel the burn all over the body. 

Each set you complete is 7 minute long.

Want more fat burn? Go for the second round. 

The key is to keep your rest short and maintain the fast tempo. You'll not only strengthen your body but also tap into EPOC to get the benefit of the afterburn effect

Kale and Pineapple Smoothie 

Kale pineapple smoothie

Now that you've got your workout out of the way, you can safely have your first bite of the day. 

But don't have breakfast that ruins your 7 minutes of hard work. 

And there is no better post-workout smoothie to nourish and supercharge your maxed out body than a kale smoothie. Or I should say The Kale Smoothie. 

We recently discovered this kale smoothie recipe, which its nutritional value matches its deliciousness. 

It's a heaven's delight after post-workout shower.  

It's packed with protein, fiber and vitamins.— According to My Fitness Pal recipe calculator, one serving of this smoothie serves up an impressive 27 g protein, thanks to the super food kale and the greek yogurt, milk and peanut butter. 

Let's also not forget to mention that pineapple in this drink is one of the richest sources of the enzyme bromelain in the world.

In case you don't know, according to Dr Axe, bromelain shows, it fights cancer and helps with digestion, allergies, asthma, joint pain and sinus infections. 

This tropical fruit is also a rich source of manganese, which is essential for developing strong bones and connective tissue. The quarter cup used in this smoothie contains 20% of the recommended daily value.

Here is how to make this quick and easy kale smoothie. 

Ingredients (makes 1):

  • 2 cups lightly packed chopped kale leaves, stems removed
  • 3/4 cup milk of your choice (non-dairy milk is also ok)
  • 1 frozen banana, cut
  • 1/4 cup plain Greek yogurt
  • 1/4 cup frozen pineapple cut in pieces
  • 2 tbsp peanut butter
  • 1 to 2 tsp honey, to taste


  • Blend all the ingredients together until smooth. Add more liquid if you prefer a thinner consistency.

There you have it! Quick and short morning workout routines to help you get in shape without leaving your home— no equipment or gym needed.

Do you want to see more morning workout ideas? Leave us a comment below to let us know.


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