20 Minute dumbbell workout Routine

Dumbbell is a must have for any home workout.
They are a great way to supplement your body-weight workouts and provide a full-body workout in a compact amount of space. 

They can easily be stored under the couch or bed and take less space than other home gym equipment

There are endless ways you can add dumbbell(s) to your workouts, and here is a list of 30 best dumbbell exercises, just to give you an idea. 

From cardio to strength training, with a wide variety of dumbbell workouts available, you’ll hardly get bored. 

Here is a 20 minute dumbbell workout to get started.

Let's highlight the benefits of this 20-Minute "Dumbbell Workout Routine". 

  • Burn major calories and trigger the afterburn effect (or EPOC)
  • Strengthen and firm up your muscles
  • Improve your heart health by performing at a fast tempo. (This circuit workout is anaerobic in nature covering both cardio and strength.)

It's time to trade fat for lean muscle mass.

Whether you want to lose baby fat or tone your saggy bottom and sculpt your arms and abs.

This 20 minute dumbbell workout routine is all you need to get rid of the extra fat layers and build the lean physique you want for the hot season coming ahead. 

Countless studies have shown that workout is not about duration (1, 2).

If anything, measuring workout effectiveness by its duration is the least accurate way of knowing whether your workout will bear any results for you. 

Why? It’s because it's not how long you workout that makes your body burn more fat.

The fact is, long cardio and other low intensity workouts can actually cause your body to store fat instead of burning it off.

Tracy D Mitchell, a nationally-recognized health and fitness expert explained long, slow cardio sessions burn muscle, not fat (3).

In fat, they have shown to increase cortisol, a stress hormone, which is particularly responsible for storing visceral fat in the belly. Not only that, European Journal of Applied Physiology reported, low to moderate intensity cardio suppressed T3 hormone which helps burn fat (4).  

So how do you really measure workout effectiveness? (after reading this, you'll never look at workout plans the same way.

You'll know instantly if it will work or not, just the way I know in a split second if a particular workout is worth doing.) 

Your workout needs 2 elements for it to cause your body to tap into your body's fat reserve and burn it off. 

#1. Right exercises

Not all exercises are equal. Far from it. Some target only one small muscle when others called compound exercises incorporate several moves (working multiple planes of motion) and work multiple major muscle groups at once.

By performing compound movements, you can double or triple your benefits compared to single muscle.

One movement workout. You will not only able to do more in less time, but you will also burn more calories in half the time.

#2. High Intensity

The harder you push yourself the more you will trigger the afterburn effect — The afterburn effect is a state you reach when you max yourself out.

By reaching this state, your body has to work extra hard to recover, which takes energy and leads to more fat and calories burned from one single workout.

This body restoration begins generally 2 hours after the workout and is said to last up to 72 hours, depending on the body size and weight. Generally, longer it lasts, more energy you get to expend (1). 

According to ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine), these additional calories burned that happen post-workout can add anywhere from 6 to 15% to the overall workout calorie expenditure. (1).

Fitness is in a lot of sense, not fair.

Women who drag themselves through hours of run and cardio work to burn calories are not getting the toned, lean and sculpted body.

Instead, people who work with unfair advantage of these short, intense workouts that incorporates the right exercises hit all their fitness goals in just a fraction of time. 

If you want to tone and lean up fast, it's important you workout this way and build lean muscle tone by lifting dumbbells and working with resistance.

According to University of Illionois, muscle is metabolically more active than fat. By working your muscle and increasing its mass, you get a body that burns fat and calories just to sustain itself. 

This 20-minute dumbbell workout routine is designed to turbocharge your fat burning hormone so you can pack on more lean muscle mass and turn on your body fat-burning hormone 24/7.

Ok, enough convencing, here's your [20-Minute Dumbbell Workout Routine.]

Dumbbell Workout Routine for Women

Circuit 1: Routine

All-Around Lunges

Dumbbell Chest Press


Dumbbell One-Arm Rows

Circuit 2: Routine

Box Lunges

Crunch Chops

Dumbbell Kickbacks

Triceps Kickbacks

This super fast fat burning 20 minute dumbbell workout routine is really all you need to whip your bdy into amazing shape.


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