Brazilian Toning Workout

If you’re here reading this, your butt may be in need of some shape-up.

Brazilian women are known for their sexy, glamorous curves and shapely beautiful firm butt.

This admiration has sparked a wave of interest from both men and women.

Women want a firm, perfectly rounded butt and men can’t resist a girl with a lifted and sculpted backside. The verdict is, Brazilian butts are irresistible.

Brazilian Butt Are Irresistible

In fact, according to Cosmo Magazine, men find women’s firm, bodacious backside one of the most desired body parts in women. Huffington Post also reported that there are more a** men than b**b men in America. 

With the increasing interest in having a firm Brazilian butt, more workout programs devoted to achieving the desired butt shape are available today. You’ve probably seen a personal fitness plan and body sculpting workout around the subject of Brazilian butt before. That’s great news.

The problem is, you’ll find that most of the recommended exercises are NOT actually effective at toning and firming your butt, which of course you only come to notice after investing weeks into their program. (Hint: if your program is aerobic base, be warned!) 

To help you avoid the frustration and pain following a months-long Brazilian butt workout and wasting your money, we came up with these 4 simple Brazilian butt shaping moves that will firm and perfectly shape your butt just with your body weight. No gym. No fitness equipment. 

The difference is in the exercise selection and workout structure. It’s built with 4 butt shaping exercises that target your butt muscles from different angles with slightly different emphasis. All together, it works to round, lift and shape your butt.

20 Minute Brazilian Butt Workout

It’s also designed to shed any excess fat and get rid of cellulite, so your backside will not only be firm, but also smooth. Can't your butt be any more irresistible than this? We think not!

Are you ready to take your flab to full and create a Brazilian butt that’s hot and ready for bikini? If you are, let's get started! 

Follow these 4 basic butt exercises and watch your derriere transform into a sexy sculpted Brazilian booty.

Brazilian Butt Sculpting Workout

You’ll feel the burn, but you’ll be having so much fun. You’ll forget you’re working your butt off!

The workout is simple. Perform each exercise for 12-15 repetitions. After completing all four exercises, rest for up to 60 seconds. Complete 3 sets.

How to perform the Brazilian Butt Exercises? 

  • One-leg butt bridge
  • Skater Jumps
  • Plank Hip Extension
  • Superman Exercise


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