Back workouts for women

These days, it is all about the arms, shoulders and the butt. 

When you checkout your reflection in the mirror after slipping into that sleeves dress, you likely give a quick spin to see how your butt looks but barely notice the muscles behind the shoulders—your back.

That's a shame because these muscles too are a key part of the overall puzzle and they’re crucial to getting a strong, healthy and fit body (one that can look damn sexy too).

Strengthening these muscles will not only help your back get stronger, but they will also help to improve your posture.

And since these muscles are also responsible for a lot of movements, you’ll be able to do much more physically, from running better to lifting heavier weights, says Mark Merchant, on Women’s Health.

Though it's easy to neglect these muscles in workouts. Most workouts focus more on mirror muscles and less on the back. It's also easy to train them incorrectly.

And using an improper form for back exercises is especially dangerous.

"A common mistake is not activating the core, which can put detrimental stress on the spine and lead to back injuries or even nerve damage," says Merchant.

But not to worry, this "back workout routine" targets all the major muscles in your back while also teaching you the proper posture alignment to complete each exercise correctly. 

Perform this routine in the order listed. Do each move for the prescribed number of repetitions or hold time and rest 30 to 60 seconds in between moves as needed.

Return to the first exercise and repeat the entire circuit. Continue this pattern until you complete a total of 3 sets for each exercise. Remember to engage your entire core, even your glutes to keep your back flat.

1. Pull-up


Grab a pull-up bar or assisted pull-up machine with your palms facing forward. Hang at arm's length, keep knees bent and feet crossed behind you.

Squeeze your shoulder blades together and pull your chest to the bar; pause for 1-2 seconds then slowly lower back to the starting position. That's one rep.

2. Renegade Row

Renegade row

Grab a pair of 8 to 10 pound-dumbbells and get into a pushup position with your hands resting on the weights and your feet hip-width apart. 

Contract your abs as you bend your right elbow to pull the dumbbell toward the side of your rib cage. Pause, then lower the weight back to the starting position. Repeat with the other arm. That's one rep. 

3. PullDown


Sit at a lat-pulldown station and grab the bar with a shoulder-width overhand grip, arms straight and torso upright. (You can also use resistance band hanging down from a door to do this exercise if you at home.)

Without moving your torso, pull the bar down to your chest as you squeeze your shoulder blades together. Pause for 1 to 2 seconds, then slowly return to the starting position. That's one rep. 

4. Superman


Lie facedown with your legs straight and arms overhead. Draw your belly button toward your spine to tighten your abs. 

Contract your glutes, then slowly raise your head, chest, arms, and legs off the floor. Hold this pose for 1 to 2 seconds, then lower back to the starting position. That's one rep. Repeat the movement for 11 more times to complete 12 reps

5. T-Plank


Start in a high plank position and contract your abs. Slowly rotate your torso to the right, raising your right arm toward the ceiling as you roll onto the outside of your left foot.

Hold, then return to start. Repeat on the other side. Continue alternating from side to side, until you complete 10 reps on each side.


5 best back workouts for women

There you have it!

5 simple exercises for your back. Performing these particular back workouts will help strengthen and shape all your back muscles. 

Which one of the 5 exercises are you going to implement in your back workout? Leave me a comment below to let me know. 


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