Pear Shaped Body Endomorph Workout Plan

If you’re an endomorph woman, the chances are, you have a rounder and softer body with beautiful curves.
Your body is womanly, venus like and a lot to admire.

If you are looking to improve your body and its curves, your challenge is more likely to be dropping your body fat.

Yes, the softer body comes with a higher percentage of body fat, but that does not mean you can remove the excess.

Most endomorph women have a higher proportion of body fat and often struggle to lose it due to their slower and less efficient metabolism.

As an endomorph, your main goal is to lose weight, slim and tone up a little bit.

By firming your muscles, you will be adding more lean muscles and decreasing your body fat percentage.

As muscles play an important role in having a faster metabolism, firming your muscles will lead to more fat loss and weight loss. 

Because a slower metabolism makes it easy to pack and store fat on your body, improving your metabolism efficiency will certainly the goal and what helps your body burn calories, lose weight and stores less fat. 

To do that, you need to do both high-intensity cardio and resistance training workouts.

The resistance training portion of the workout will help you pack on lean muscle mass to firm and tighten up your body, while the cardio workout will strip away the unwanted fat and reward you with the lean, fit and healthy tone your body you want. 

A few examples of some famous and beautiful celebs with the same endomorph body type and shape as you are:

  • Kim Kardashian
  • Jennifer Hudson
  • Jordan Sparks
  • Kate Upton?

As an endomorph, it is important that you watch your diet and pay attention to what you eat.
You’ll typically do well on a diet that is composed of relatively high amounts of proteins and fats compared to carbohydrates.
Think of the Paleo diet.

We cover this in more details in the 4 Week Bikini Body Express Plan.

It’s a comprehensive plan with a specific body type customized diet and workout plans to get your metabolism working more efficiently.

To start, your meal plan should look something like this: 25% carbs, 35% protein and 40% of healthy dietary fat.

Just think of higher fats and proteins with lower carbs

See the sample workout plan below and how to do it.

Endomorph pear shape or apple shape workout plan

Perform 3-4 lower body exercises and 2-3 upper body exercises. 

How It Works

Perform circuit 1 without no or little rest between exercises. After completing the circuit, rest for 30-60 seconds and perform another set.

Complete 2-3 sets of circuit 1 before moving on to circuit 2. 

Circuit 1: Lower-Body Workout

  • A1: One Arm, One Leg Squat to Cable Row 
  • A2: Dumbbell Front Squat 
  • A3: One Leg Hip Raise
  • A4: Dumbbell Lateral Squat

Circuit 2: Upper-Body Workout

  • B1: Dip with One Leg Up
  • B2: Incline Reverse Crunch
  • B3: Floor Cable Crunch

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