Mesomorph Full-Body Workout Routine – Day 2

It is just as important following a customized balance meal plan for your body type as following a workout plan that’s tailored to your body type. For you, that’s mesomorph.

Sure, there are general workout rules that apply to all body types and certain exercises perform better than others no matter who performs them, but to have a successful workout that leads to weight loss, fat loss and muscle toning results, workouts that address both your problem areas and cater to your body type create a night and day difference. 

This is Day 2 of Mesomorph 2 day workout series. If you don’t have Day 1, go here to get the workout plan. 
If you haven’t taken the body type test, you can take the short quiz here to find out your body type first. 

Without that customizations, you risk wasting your hard work and efforts in the gym.

The first step to starting a body type specific workout is to know your body type. You may have heard body shapes, and you may even be able to identify what shape your body resembles by looking yourself in the mirror, but knowing your body shape and body type is different.

Body type identifies your specific genetics and physical built, reveals how responsive your body is to exercise, uncovers the speed of your metabolism and exposes just how easy or hard for your body to burn and lose fat.

If you haven’t taken the body type test, take the quiz here to discover your body type. 

If you are a mesomorph woman, consider yourself lucky.

Mesomorph body type is characterized as a naturally athletic, curvy and  toned body. Women with this body type get toned and lose body fat fairly quickly unlike endomorph women who often have a harder time losing weight and keeping it off.

Also unlike ectomorphs who are naturally thin but struggle gaining muscle tone, mesomorph body type benefits from lean muscle tone and sculpted look. Just take a look at Jessica Biel, Scarlett Johansson, and Halle Berry. They all have a lean, sculpted body with sexy curves. You have the same body type as them, and if you work out according to your body type, you can get the same results and get the lean and toned look as they have. After all, you are blessed with the same body type as they do! 

To really help you get the body of your dream faster and more efficiently, this 2-day body type workout series was born. It is just for mesomorph women and customized and tailored specifically to meet your needs and to set you on the fast road to your fitness goal whether that is weight loss, fat reduction or getting lean. 

To get the best results, purchase the 8-week mesomorph body makeover. This 8 week plan includes both workout and nutrition plans customized to your body type unlike many genetic plans widely available today. 

How to perform this Mesomorph Workout Plan Day 2:

Mesomorph Workout Routine - Day 2

Perform all exercises in Circuit 1 without much rest in between. After completing a set, rest for 60 seconds. 
Complete 3 rounds of Circuit 1 before moving on to Circuit 2. Repeat the same process with Circuit 2.

Exercises included in this workout plan are: 

  • 1 Minute Jump Rope
  • Goblet Squats : 10 
  • Push Ups : 10 
  • Dumbbell Renegade Rows : 10 / Side
  • Side Lifts : 10 / Side
  • Dips : 12
Misato Alexandre


After making healthy living a priority, Misato lost over 20 lbs in less than 90 days. Instead of weight loss being a dreading experience, living the lifestyle of health and fitness granted her more happiness and joy than ever before. She co-founded Fitwirr to make health and fitness simple for everyone and share her tips through writing evidence-based articles on nutrition, weight loss, and exercise.

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