5 Best Exercises for Love Handles and Belly Fat

If you’re like me the chances are you feeling a bit insecure about the way your love handles look.

I’m not one of those skinny girls blessed with good genes and have a tiny waist. I’m a curvy girl, with a curvy waistline. 

So it’s never fun seeing the back fat popping out from my jeans,  bikini bottoms, or even underwear. 

So I always have to work hard do muffin top or love handles workout to trim those side belly fat. 

Let me tell you, getting rid of fat from your love handles is not easy and can be tricky. This is because you can not spot reduce fat, not even from your belly. 

Generally, you have to target fat as a whole. 

But I have found this muffin top exercises helpful in burning and losing love handles. 

They are effective in toning up the side abs and getting rid of the side stomach fat. 

They also target your abs in various angles giving that all around slimming effect. You’ll even lose lower belly fat. 
And when all done in a workout, they are even more effective at burning the stubborn love handle fat.

If your love handles make you feel insecure, these exercises will help you. They’re the exact same exercises my husband recommend to his personal training clients and me because they work!

5 Best Exercises for Love Handles and Belly Fat

All workouts on the workout cards are fast-paced series that will stroke your metabolism,  jack up your heart rate and shock your muscles to get into a toned, lean shape.

By combining fat-burning cardio with high intensity strength building moves that target multiple muscle groups at once, you not only torch calories and rev up your heart rate, but you also build lean muscle mass and fire up your metabolism to burn additional calories 24 to 48 hours after workout is done.

This after workout calorie burn is what gets you a lean and toned body with the abs you want.

Increasing number of researchers, has stated that lean body is made by going harder, not longer, and that’s the training method behind the 6 Minute Bikini Abs. Doing the right exercises at the right intensity is what gives the fastest results that you can see and feel.

The Tabata Protocol is a kind of HIIT method based on studies by Japanese researcher Izumi Tabata. His original 1996 study monitored athletes as they cycled at their absolute highest intensity for 20 seconds, followed by 10 seconds of resting, and repeated 

The key to seeing results: Push yourself as hard as you can while keeping good form.

As you perform each workout, try to increase the number of reps you complete in the amount of time given (30 seconds per exercise). 

Whether you want to shrink your hips, find your abs, shape up your butt and get toned arms, this complete 30 days workout guide will whip your body into best shape ever. 

Each day for the next 30 days, you’ll perform your daily workout as instructed in the book for 6 minutes only. All our workouts are home-friendly and can be done in the comfort of your living room. 

There’s no better way to improve your health, lose weight, burn fat, tone up your body in just 30 day.

Notes: When you have exercises that you perform one side at a time, perform either both sides equally during the 30 second period or focus on one side and switch the sides at the next set.

Unless exercises are noted “hold”, perform repetitions. When noted “hold”, hold for 30 seconds.

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