How to Get Six Pack Abs

Envy a girl with toned, flat, toned abs?

As much as you may want to believe that she’s lucky to be born with the killer abs, toned abs are made by great workouts and clean eating! In other words, getting sexy abs is very much possible, and we’ll show you exactly how you get them.

If your plan to get toned abs involves 100 crunches, it’s time to get a new routine. There is a smart and more efficient way to work your abs than popular ab exercises such as crunches. Multi-muscle core exercises work more than just abs.

They work your whole body burning more calories and fat. You’ll also improve your strength and raise your resting metabolism. Multi-muscle exercises are known to burn calories both during and after the workout, which is great for losing body weight and revealing your six pack abs. 

The key to revealing your abs is to have a low percent of body fat, and the key to fat loss, and lean muscle mass is metabolic resistance training. Meaning performing a circuit of several exercises back-to-back with shorter rest period between each exercise, the shorter you rest the better the effect.

Alternating between upper and lower body exercises. The key variable in metabolic training is the rest interval, 30 seconds or less. and that’s what this ab workout is all about. Here are our 5 must ab exercises to get your abs to be where you want them to be.

Remember, summer bikini body is made in winter. So it’s time to gear up your abs workout routine. 

Perform these 5 exercises in sequence with little to no rest in between. The less rest you take, the greater metabolic effect will be on your body.

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