Couple Workouts: 20 Minute Circuit Training for Two

Studies show that couple who are physically fit have a stronger relationship, better sex life, and tendency to stay together. 

Not just that, exercising together is a great way to deepen your connection and create an emotional bond with your partner according to

They add couples who jointly participate in an exciting physical challenge report feeling more satisfied with their relationship and more in love with their partner. 

If you’re looking for a way to reconnect or spend more with your partner, why not invite your him or her to be your new workout partner?

Or better yet, setting a new goal together or starting a new workout regimen together is a great way to start something new together and foster a sense of togetherness, partnership and accountability in the relationship.

Although this article is about a 20-minute couple of workouts, what you set out to do together doesn’t have to be this workout. It can be something as simple as 6 Minute Morning Workout.

It’s a bodyweight workout you can do right before  shower, so you can sweat it out together and jump into shower together afterwards. 

What’s important is sharing the healthy lifestyle and getting involved in each other’s interest, all while getting fit, toned and earning a sexy sculpted body. 

This 20 Minute Couple’s workout is a gender mutual workout routine that’s effective for both men and women. 

For your man, we came up with upgraded version of each of your move, so he can show off your strength, power and buff and charge his man ego. 

It’s a great way workout to strengthen your body and your bond at the same time. 

The main targets are your core, abs, and glutes. It is also effective at revving up your metabolism and burning major calories both during and after your workout.

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