Lose Weight, Burn Fat with CrossFit WOD Nancy

Begin your day with a CrossFit workout. Today’s CrossFit WOD (workout of the day) is Nancy who has a bit of reputation being nasty.

Nancy sounds sweet as it consists of only two exercises, 400 meter run and overhead squat.  which you perform 5 rounds. Not too bad. You may think.  

CrossFit workouts Nany

In fact, this workout burns your legs, gets your heart rate up and pumping, and leaves you out of breath in no time. Yet, it’s still within the range where you know you can push yourself to complete. 

This CrossFit WOD combines both cardio and strength training exercises to maximize calorie and fat burn durring and after the workout. 

CrossFit’s benchmark for overhead squat is 65lbs for women 95 lbs for men. but if you are new to barbell exercises, start with a bare barbell bar to get comfortable with the equipment before adding plates of weights. 

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Source: The CrossFit Journal Articles : Issue 27 – November 2004

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