10-Minute Core Power Yoga to Strengthen Your Body

If you think yoga is only good for your mind and stretching purposes, think again.

This 10-minute power core yoga workout will not only engage your muscles but also strengthen and tone your entire body all whilst clearing your mind and centering your focus.

Amongst many reasons yoga became a sensation in the last decade in the West, there is one that all yoga practitioners, including us, seem to resonate.

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Through its discipline, breathing, and poses, yoga teaches us one profound lesson.

It’s that everything is within and we ought to seek nothing outside ourselves.

It’s the lesson that awakens us to see the inner strength and power that already exists inside ourselves. 

Yoga teaches you to go deep within yourself to find strength, calmness, courage, and peace.

If you are practicing yoga for the first time, go through each pose with the consciousness to connect with your inner self. It will certainly enrich your experience and find and feel your core both physically and spiritually.

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Yoga in its entirely also has tremendous benefits to your physical strength, especially in the core, as it is essentially a practice to build sufficient strength for a long meditation session. 

Because the core is a vital point that connects and holds your body together, many yoga poses effectively engage and targets your core muscles to build strength and steadiness.

Each move in this 10-minute routine also promotes the strength of the core and engages it to improve its strength. This without a doubt leads to a leaner midsection and toner abs. 

Whilst many regular ab workouts can build core strength, the strength of yoga is in its breathing.

Many yoga moves require deep diaphragmatic breathing which helps engage the deep abdominal and core muscles that tend to be overlooked by standard ab exercises.

When you go through these six yoga poses, be sure to breathe in as you move into a new pose, and breathe out as you move out of one.

Spend about a minute with each pose.

For poses that have two sides, practice a minute per side. Begin with a minute of meditation and end with another minute of meditation to give thanks to all you have in your life and connect with your inner self and the meaning of your being.

Make it a part of your life by practicing it 2-3 times a week.

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