Fat Loss Training MRT

15 Days from Flab to Fab Workout Routine

Summer is here, and you need a quick workout to magically transform your flab to fab. 

A quick fix that delivers the results you want in a matter of weeks.

Whether its your backside, hips, thighs or your abs, this 15 days full-body workout routine is ... Continue Reading

Butt Lifting Exercises

9 Butt Lifting Exercises for Women

When it comes to butt, women just can't stop obsessing enough of. We are constantly worrying if our rear ends are too small, too big, too flat or too saggy.

For most, what we really want is a nicely rounded, firm butt that resembles a Brazilian butt, that ... Continue Reading

Endomorph Pear shape exercise plan

Pear Shaped Body Endomorph Workout Plan

If you’re an endomorph woman, the chances are, you have a rounder and softer body with beautiful curves.
Your body is womanly, venus like and a lot to admire.

If you are looking to improve your body and its curves, your challenge is more likely ... Continue Reading

CrossFit Helen WOD

Burn Major Calories With CrossFit WOD Helen

When it comes to burning calories and torching fat in your butt, this CrossFit WOD Helen does best. 

You may underestimate this 3 exercise workout routine for its shortness and limited variety , but Helen is nothing but high intensity. While the cardio, 400m running is somewhat short but ... Continue Reading