15 Best Butt Workouts from Jen Selter & Amanda Elise Lee

With a butt sensation still riding the wave of most attractive and desired body parts, all #fitgirl and #girlworkout are well, all about butt.

Yes it’s all about the butt—these girls’ backside makes you want to do butt workouts each time you exercise, or granted each time you see their perfectly rounded posteriors on their Instagram.

But thankfully for their butt selfies or Belfies and generous amounts of picture sharing at the gym, you can now *almost* follow along with their butt exercises that sculpted their famous buns and made them Instagram sensations.

But as with all things, getting your workouts almost right sometimes doesn’t quite cut it.

It just won’t give you the edge you need to get your poplicious backside that’s worth getting followers.

But don’t panic.

We got you covered.

We have the ultimate, most complete round-up of your favorite Instagram stars, Jen Selter and Amanda Elise Lee ’s go-to butt moves.

These butt powerhouse built their bubble butt with these workouts, and if you follow, you can too.

Aside from the perfectly shaped, rounded butt you’d prosper from these butt workouts, working your glutes their way can surprisingly help you reap other health benefits.

Other health benefits of butt workouts

Health benefits of butt workouts
  • Improve blood circulation that helps remove your cellulite. Is this a voice from heaven or what?
  • Less muscle fatigue during walking, running or climbing stairs, so you can enjoy your life a tad more.
  • Reduce chances of injuries like shin splits, sore back, and knee injuries. Very important, if you ask me!
  • Strengthen the core as abdominals and back muscles are engaged which results in flat abdomen and strong back. Wait did I just say flat abs and slimmer waist? Sure did!
  • Burn more calories as you work on the gluteal muscles for a full lower body workout. In case you don’t know, butt muscles are one of the largest muscle groups in your body, and working them results in more calorie burn than working smaller muscles.
  • Better posture and stronger legs allowing you to run faster and jump higher. It’s time to fix your hatched back from sitting in front of the computer all day at work.

I know you can’t wait to get started, but there are a couple of tips for performing these exercises that really push their effectiveness to max!

Tips for Butt Workouts (that get you the best results!)

Tips for butt workouts
  • Tighten your abdomen and glutes to increase the effect on those muscles.
  • Always maintain proper posture to avoid injury.
  • Give a 24 hours rest between sessions allowing muscles to recover properly.
  • Gradually add weights and resistance with dumbbells, barbells and ankle weights to grow your gluteal muscles.

Keep these tips in mind, you’ll be on your way to your best bubble butt you always wanted!

And last but not least, here is how Jen Selter and Amanda Lee Butt Workouts work.

How it works: Select 2-3 butt exercises from the butt exercise list and add them to your regular exercise regimen.

Perform each butt exercise for the prescribed number of repetitions or duration of time.

Complete each exercise for 3 sets. (except single-leg glute bridge is 2 sets.)

Make sure to drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration after your workout.

When you are ready for a new challenge, add free weights to increase the intensity!

Most of these but exercises are bodyweight, so they can be done just about anywhere, at home to the gym.

Without further adieu, here is your 15 best butt exercises for shaping your perfect butt.

There you have it! 15 of Jen Selter and Amanda Elise Lee’s favorite butt exercises to help you get your perfectly shaped butt.

You can follow Jen Selter and Amanda Elise Lee on Instagram to get your daily dose of the butt workouts and healthy lifestyle that got their butt to where they are!

Leave us a comment below to let us know if you are already doing any of these but exercises and which one is your favorite.

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