Brazilian Butt Workout: 4 Exercises to Build a Perfect Tush

Brazilian Butt Workout.

The day of being skinny is the envy of girls is long gone.

We are in the era of the perfectly shaped bubble butt.

Despite how sexy it is to have those perfectly, rounded butt, most women’s butt cheeks look something like this: 

Flat as a pancake 

Look familiar? 

If so, know that you are far from alone. Most women have a flat, saggy, or out-of-shape butt, far from the perfect Brazilian butt cheeks you see on magazine covers. 

Unless you are a butt workout guru, the path to the perfect butt is a long one. 

Even if you already do “butt workouts” and see some results, I can guarantee you can see better results faster with less efforts. How?  

Well, that’s the Brazilian Butt Workout I’ll go over in just a bit. 

But first….

Why Women Struggle to Get the Perfect Butt

The problem is most women think either: 

  • It’s about efforts
  • General workouts should shape up the butt (as it is the case for abs for some women)
  • Squats are the only exercise needed for a perfect butt

There are three types of women who work out with a goal of getting the perfectly rounded butt but struggle with it.

The first type of women believes getting shaped up body parts is about quantity and efforts.

If I spend more time in the gym doing more workouts, the results should catch up. Right? Not exactly.

There are far too many women who spend hours in the gym months after months with no visible difference in the body. That alone should alert you that it’s not as simple as more efforts = more results. 

The second type of women sticks to their regular workouts even with a new goal of acquiring the perfect butt. That makes no sense. 

The rule of thumbs is, you need a new, customized workout plan every time you have a new goal. If you want the butt to shape, then you need a butt-focused workout that perfectly targets your butt.

If you want sculpted arm, slimmer legs, sleeker back, you need a plan that pays special attention to the body part.

The only exception is the abs (for some women). Because your core is indirectly involved in many not-direct-abs exercises, abs tend to get toned without being targeted specifically, per se. But this varies by individual and her body type, so it’s still best to get a customized plan even for the abs. 

The third type of woman does countless squats. Of course, squats of various forms remain the best butt exercises, and it’s a must-to-do exercise for your butt, without a doubt. 

However, the question is, do squats alone can tone the butt? The answer is yes and no. 

Squats can tone and shape up your butt, for sure. But adding other butt exercises can help you see the results quicker with less effort. 

The reason is, there are three butt muscles: 

  1. Gluteus Maximus
  2. Gluteus Medius
  3. Gluteus Minimus

Each butt exercise places a different emphasis on the muscles it works. 

For example, basic squat forms engage gluteus maximus, while lunges activate gluteus medius significantly more.

The important takeaway here is that you need different butt exercises that engage different butt muscles and target them from different angles to create the perfectly rounded shape. 

The right and best butt workout is made up of 3-4 butt exercises that tackle all three glutes from numerous angles. 

In your next butt workout, trade in your old routine with this 4-exercise perfect butt workout.

It’s simple to perform and doesn’t require a gym membership. Perform each exercise for 10-12 repetitions and complete 3 sets.

Butt Exercises

1. Side Lunges

  1. Stand with your feet hip width apart with your hands on your hips. Look straight forward and contract your abs.
  2. Take a big step to the right with your right foot and bend your right knee 90 degrees, keeping your left leg extended.
  3. Pause 1-2 seconds, then quickly push through the heel of your right foot to return to the standing position. Repeat on your right side to complete one rep.

2. Donkey Kick

Thanks to Jen Selter this move is now famous. Adding a dumbbell to traditional donkey kicks push this exercise into overdrive. Just avoid hyperextending your low back as you work your glutes.

Tips: Focus on engaging your glutes as you kick the leg up.

  1. Get down on all fours, and place a dumbbell in the crease of your right knee. Keeping your right knee bent at a 90-degree angle, raise your right leg up until you feel your right glute is fully contracted.
  2. Flex your foot, and slowly lift the foot towards the ceiling by squeezing your glute. Do not move the torso— the motion is just in the hip joint. Pause for 1-2 seconds, then lower the leg down. Complete the prescribed number of repetitions.
  3. Repeat on the the other side to complete a set. Do three full sets.

3. Wall Sit

It may not look like you’re not doing much, leaning against a wall, but you’ll really feel the burn in your thighs and your butt. This is a great exercises to firm the butt and strengthen the knees.

  1. Start by leaning with your back against a wall, placing your feet about two feet in front of you. Feet should be hip-distance apart. 
  2. Bend your knees, slide your back down the wall until your knees are at 90-degree angles. Your knee joints should be over your ankle joints, so you may need to inch your feet farther from the wall to create proper alignment. Don’t let your knees fall into the midline of your body or sway outward.
  3. Raise your arms straight in front of you. Hold the position for 2-3 seconds and then come up. Repeat for 10-12 reps.

4. Fire Hydrant

 Adding a mini-band to this exercise helps engage the outer butt muscles who often don’t get used. 

  1. To start, wrap a resistance band around your leg just above your knees and get down on all fours. Make sure you keep your back neutral not rounded, and your head is inline with your spine. 
  2. keep your knee bent 90 degrees and lift your left leg up to the hip level and to the side. Your weight should be distributed evenly between your hands and knees.
  3. Pause at the top for 1-2 seconds, then slowly lower it back down, resisting the pull of the band as you return. Do all 10-12 reps on one side before switching to the other leg. 
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