Full-Bodyweight Workout Routine to Burn Fat

Do-it anywhere bodyweight workout routine.

Get in shape, lose weight, and improve your health using only body-weight exercises. No-gym, no equipment.

This fast no-equipment workout is high-intensity in nature and lasts no-more than 15 minutes to perform. 

It’s based on metabolic conditioning and designed to work every muscle in your body. 

Despite its short duration and simplicity, research has shown this type of “high-intensity interval training” is effective at boosting aerobic fitness, improving muscular endurance and elevating metabolism more than long, lower-intensity cardio. 

This may sound super intense, but this circuit style interval training is actually pretty simple and easy to follow.

It’s just 2-4 rounds of 6 moves, followed by 60 secs of rest between sets.

Simplicity doesn’t lessen the effectiveness.

How it works: Complete 2-4 sets of the following exercises in sequence. Perform each exercise for the prescribed number repetitions or time with no rest in between to keep the heart up.

After you complete each set, rest for 1 minute before repeating the next set. The entire workout takes about 15 minutes. Scroll down for full descriptions of each move.

Full-Body Workout Routine
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