Bodyweight Workout Level 2 – Burn Fat, Lose Weight

Bodyweight Workout Level-2 is a step-up from Level 1 and designed to challenge your body by taking up the workout intensity a notch.

If you are an absolute beginner, begin with our Beginner’s Body Weight Workout Level 1 before advancing to this Level 2.

After you completed Level 1 and are up for a challenge, try this advanced bodyweight workout plan.

perform it in a circuit workout by completing all the moves with little to no rest in between. Aim 3-4 sets.

 It’s great to have a goal in mind and feel good to over achieve it, but there is actually no good in doing exercises improperly.

Make performing each exercise correctly your first priority. Once you start to break your form, stop and rest. 

Body weight workout level-2

This Level 2 workout is more intense in all aspects.

Exercises are more challenging and require a higher level of balance, endurance and strength.

Exercise variables for this plan are also taken up a notch. Repetitions are up to 10-15 and sets are up to 3-4. 

If you have read our strength training exercise variable articles, you may notice the way we increased intensity was the opposite of how we intensified this body-weight workout Level 2.

Here, we have increased both exercise repetitions and sets to further challenge your body. 

In weight training, you can advanced exercises by going lower in repetitions and higher in sets. In other words, repetitions and sets had an inverse relationship.

In bodyweight training, repetition and set counts move in the same direction.

Why? It’s because the weight we use stays the same in bodyweight training.

When the weight stays the same, increasing the workout volume is the way to go. (In addition to advancing the moves themselves). 

Perform each exercise for 10-15 repetitions and complete 3-4 sets. Your goal for Side Plank is 60 second hold. 

Again, it’s better to complete 2-3 sets of exercises with proper form than 4 sets with incorrect form.

Pay attention to your form and alignment can go long ways when generating results.

Do this workout 2 to 3 days a week, with 1 day off between workouts. 

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