5-Printable Leg Workouts with Valslide

What is the Valslide? The Valslide is a pair of discs that provides an unstable training surface that allows you to simulate many different muscles in exercise such as reverse lunge, lateral lunge, and leg curl.

Why Should I Use the Valslide? 

It’s a great fitness tool for targeting and working a woman’s most trouble area like glutes(butt), quadriceps(thighs), hips, and legs. Sliming effect comes from having the muscles work twice as much to control and stabilize the body while working on the slippery surface and controlling the sliding motions. 

Valslide Exercises

We conpiled a list of  of leg exercises you can do at home with the Valslide.  Chose 1 or 2 of these exercises to add to your leg day workout. We recomend doing 10-12 reps and 3 sets for each. 

5 quick leg exercises with valslide:

1.Valslide Reverse Lunge curl to press

2. Valslide Lateral Squat 

3. Valslide Reverse lunge 

4. Valslide Leg Curl

5. Valsldie Alternating Leg Curl 

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