30 Minute Cardio Workout – Week 2 [Printable]

Burn calories and build lean muscle mass with 30-minutes of HIIT Cardio. Typical steady, slow and long cardio doesn’t burn as many calories during the workout and is no help in elevating your metabolism hours after.

This short treadmill workout helps you get lean and burn calories both during and after workout. 

This treadmill cardio workout is our Week 2 of the 4 Week, 30 Day Cardio Workout Plan. Within your 30 minutes, you’ll perform warm-up, interval training and cool-down. Although it’s a great routine to do on a treadmill, aerobic equipments are barely required. Other cardio options like running outside, jogging and cycling provide excellent cardio workouts. 

Regardless of your form of cardio, make sure to raise your heart rate to hit the target heart rate zone to get the effects of High Intensity Interval Training known as HIIT. 

Benefits of performing this type of HIIT Cardio include elevated resting metabolism and development of lean muscle mass. 

1. Warm-up: 3 Minutes: Warm-up is a phase where you gradually raise your heart rate to prepare for your cardio interval training. During this first 3 minutes, maintain your Zone 1 heart rate. Warm-up is not meant to be intense. Level of exertion should be very easy to easy and allows you to carry a conversation. 

2. Interval Training: 24 Minutes as with Week 1, during this Interval Training Phase, you reach your Zone 2 heart rate and maintains your tempo throughout the entire 24 minutes.

If you have not done our Week 1, 20 Minute Cardio Workout, begin with the plan before attempting 24 minutes of Cardio Interval Training. You should experience difficulty holding a conversation and level of exertion should reach moderate. 

3. Cool-down: 3 Minutes – End your cardio session with 30 minutes of cool-down. Bring your heart rate down to Zone 1 to avoid sudden finish to a vigorous workout. 

There you have our 30-Minute Cardio Workout. This workout is Week 2 of our 4 Week, 30 Day Workout Plan. This plan includes 4 weekly cardio workout plans and 4 weekly strength training workouts . 

Get your printable 30-Day Workout Calendar to get started on your 30 day challenge. 

Perform this 30-Minute Cardio Workout on your Week 2. 

30-Minute Treadmill Cardio Workout

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This 30-Day Challenge helps you lose weight, increase resting metabolism, and builds lean body mass by performing both cardio and strength training.

Get your 30-Day Workout Calendar to get started today. 

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