30-Day Side Plank Challenge to Strengthen Your Core

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Banish your love handles in 30 days with this side plank workout challenge. The planks exercises are one of the best abs exercises you can do to both strengthen and sculpt your tummy.

In addition to abs and core, side planks engage your hips, glutes, lower back, lower abs, shoulders and the obliques covering almost every muscle in your body.

If you haven’t done the 30 day plank challenge, click here to get it.

Please take a note that side planks are much harder and require more balance and stability to hold. If you are new to planks, take our 30 day basic plank challenge first and come back to take this side plank challenge.

By strengthening these muscles, you will build a solid midsection that is less prone to back injuries and abs harder than rocks.

Why Take Another Plank Challenge?

If you are a fan of 30 day workout challenge variations out there, the chances are you’ve already tried a 30-day plank challenge. 

so what’s the point of trying this new challenge? 

In short, this challenge works:

This 30-day side plank challenge was built with you, your health and body transformation in mind, and it addressed the common issues of conventional plank challenges. 

While most 30 day plank challenges focus on having you hold a static plank position until you pass out hoping that it will increase your core strength, but you will probably end up hurting your back before getting a stronger core and sculpted body.

Instead, our approach challenges you by advancing the plank itself. 

For example, you will begin with an easier side plank such as kneeling side plank and gradually elevate the plank difficulty by removing the base of support and adding dynamic movements such as toe touch and rotational side plank. 

This approach allows you to improve your stability, balance and core strength while safely building up your stamina. 

Three reasons to take this 30 day plank challenge besides toning your abs and sculpting your body: 

1. Challenge yourself to a variety of planks
2. No more obscurely long hold time  
3. More fun. Avoid boredom

1. Lack of variations can cause more harm than good. To challenge yourself safely, add plank variations to your 30 day challenge. 

While I agree what makes us improve our craft is often repetitions as Malcolm Gladwell said in his book Outliers, “It takes roughly ten thousand hours of practice to achieve mastery in a field.”. 

However, when it comes to exercise, the rule seems to be different. It’s not only unwise to perform the same exercises every day, but also harmful and unhealthy. Becoming good at one exercise is not about performing it every day. 

See, when you consecutively perform the same exercise for 30 days, you end up working the same exact muscles, causing unnecessary fatigue in the muscle group(s) and injury rate to skyrocket. 

The smarter, safer and healthier way of challenging yourself with one type of workout is to add variations. 

What this allows you to do is to work your target muscles from different angles with slightly different emphasis, preventing overuse of the same muscles. This also accelerates your progress as you extend the area your workout targets. 

1. Advance your planks rather than your hold time to maximize the benefits of your 30-day challenge. 

By adding variety of planks to your plank challenge brings a new, safer way of challenging yourself without pushing your hold time. 

This may or may not be a new concept to you, but pushing your hold time is not the only way to challenge your plank. It’s actually a very unhealthy way of approaching plank challenge. 

In fact, plank hold time beyond 1-2 minutes is often considered a red flag and warning in the professional fitness field as most exercisers fail to hold the plank with proper form for that long. 

It’s safer to stay within the time frame where you can comfortably hold the isometric position with correct form. This avoids unnecessary injuries and back pain after the challenge. 
3. Have fun. Avoid boredom: There is a statistic flowing around in fitness. 70% of people who start a fitness program quit. Don’t be the statistic. Be the finisher, conquer and achiever by motivating yourself throughout and having fun. 

By trying a new plank every 6 days gives you something to look forward to and a new mountain to climb. 

After all, you don’t get the full benefits of 30-day workout challenge unless you finish the challenge. 

30 Day Side Plank Challenge

Side plank exercises:

  • Exercise 1: Kneeling Side Plank
  • Exercise 2: Leg Up Plank
  • Exercise 3: Side Plank
  • Exercise 4: Raised Side Plank
  • Exercise 5: Rotational Plank
  • Exercise 6: Toe-Touch Plank

Perform each plank exercise for 4 days. Rest every 5th day. Hold for the number of seconds in the log. Use the 30 day calendar to keep track of your progress.

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