Printable 26-Minute Cardio Workout Week 4

Give yourself a 30 Day Workout Challenge that helps you lose weight, rev up your metabolism, and improve your health. 
This 26-Minute Cardio Workout is the Week 4 Cardio Plan of our 4 Week, 30-Day Workout Challenge.

To start this challenge, get your 30 Day Calendar and print out your first 3 weeks of cardio plans: 

Week 1: 20-Minute Cardio Workout
Week 2: 30-Minute Cardio Workout 
Week 3: 24-Minute Cardio Workout

This 30-Day Workout Calendar challenges you to a new height and transform yourself to a new, better YOU! 

By combining both strength and cardio workout plans that take less than 30 minutes a day, you not burn calories and build lean muscle mass to look slimmer, toned and well defined, but also adopt a higher metabolism that gives your new physique a lasting effect. 

Cardio workouts in weight loss are often misused. Slow and steady cardio sessions that last well over 30 minutes are believed to burn maximum calories, thus helps with weight loss. What’s not known is those steadily paced cardio does not create after workout calorie expenditure. 

Printable 26-Minute Cardio Workout

What it means is that your calorie burn is only limited during your workout. This is one of the reasons why many strive to go for a longer run. On the contrary, High-Intensity Interval Training or HIIT cardio plan is close to anaerobic in nature, short and intense.

Though each cardio session is less than 30 minutes, it results in higher calorie burn by equipping your body to continuously burn calories up to 24 hours post workout even when you are at rest. In other words, HIIT workouts helps your body become a calorie burning machine, giving you more credit for the short yet intense workout you performed. 

We call this “Afterburn Effect” and takes advantage of its weight loss and fat loss workouts to generate maximum results. 

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This Week 4 Cardio Workout Plan is 26-minute long from warm-up to cool-down. Though it’s short, it does an amazing job raising your heart rate, revving up your metabolism and burning maximum calories during and after workout. 

1. Warm-up: 3 Minutes – This plan includes a warm-up of 3 minutes. Maintain Zone 1 heart rate during your first 3 minutes. 

If you perform this cardio plan on a treadmill, make sure to use a heart rate monitor to stay in the right zone throughout your session. If you choose an outdoor activity, breathing level is a good indicator of your current heart rate zone. 

At this phase, you should be able to carry a conversation easily. 

2. Interval Training: 16 Minutes – During the Interval Training phase, you alternate high and low intensity work for 5 times. What’s more challenging compared to Week 3’s 24-Minute Cardio Plan is each high and low intensity period is shorter. 

This increases your intensity, thus helps create Afterburn Effect that burns more calories and fat. 

This HIIT plan also improves your resting metabolism and builds lean muscle mass, making it effective for weight loss and fat loss. 

High intensity period: If you are on a treadmill, increase your incline by 3-6 % and get your heart rate up to  Zone 3. 

If you are outside, monitor your breathing for heart rate measure. At this stage, your breathing should be heavy and unable to hold a conversation. 

Low intensity period: Bring your heart rate back to Zone 1 or breathing level to easy. 

3. Cool-down: 3 Minutes – Avoid dizziness when ending your workout by cooling yourself down for 3 minutes at the end. This cool-down stage helps your heart rate to gradually return to Zone 1 and safely enter the recovery zone.

Get started on new, healthier You today by downloading our 30 Day Workout Calendar and follow our 4 Week Workout Plans. 

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