Printable 24-Minute Cardio Workout – Week 3

Rev up your resting metabolism and get toned up with High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) cardio. HIIT is intense, short, yet more effective at burning calories and building lean body muscle mass, making it the best cardio workouts for weight loss. 

This 24-Minute Treadmill Cardio Workout is our Week 3 of the 30 Day Cardio Workout Plan. From the warm-up to cool-down, this cardio plan is only 24 minutes long. 

Maximum calorie and fat burning is still possible in this short period because our cardio plan utilizes High Intensity Interval Training, HIIT workout method. It alternates high intensity work with lower intensity work to imitate the nature of anaerobics. 

This maximizes calorie burning not just during the workout but also 24 hours post workout. This continuous efforts of your body to burn calories lead to higher calorie expenditure and leads to weight loss and fat loss. 

Warm-up and cool-down session are both 3 minutes. 

During the Interval Training, you alternate 3 minutes of high intensity work and 3 minutes of low intensity work to get the effect of HIIT. Repeat for 3 times.

When increasing your intensity, incline the treadmill for 3-6% and monitor your heart rate to hit your target heart rate to get the maximum results. 

1. Warm-up: 3 Minutes, begin this cardio workout with 3 minutes of warm-up. This phase is to raise your heart rate slowly to prepare for rigorous activities during the interval training. Exertion level is easy and you should easily be able to have a conversation during this phase. 

2. Interval Training : 18 Minutes, up till second week of our 30 Day Workout Plan, you conditioned yourself for more demanding and challenging HIIT cardio sessions ahead. In this Week 3 workout plan, you will be introduced to a cardio workout that is close to anaerobics in nature. 

You alternate periods of high and low intensity work for 3 times to reach maximum calorie expenditure during the workout and 24 hour post workout. If your fitness goal is to lose weight and drop inches off your body, burning calories both during and after workout is critical.  

With HIIT workouts, your resting metabolism increases and allows your body to continue to burn more calories throughout the day. 

During the period of high intensity work, your exertion level should reach high and breathing should become heavy. 
In your low intensity period, you return to Zone 1 for recovery. 

3. Cool-down: 3 Minutes, sudden stop to a vigorous workout can lead to dizziness. Always make sure to end your cardio with a cool-down period where your heart rate returns to Zone 1.

This 24-Minute HIIT Cardio Workout is Week 3 of our 4 Week, 30 Day Workout Plan. This 30 Day workout plan introduces a new cardio and strength workout each week for 4 weeks to help lose weight, get toned and improve health. Get started on your health by downloading our Printable 30-Day Workout Challenge today. 

24-Minute Cardio Workout Week-3

On your third week, perform this 24-Minute Cardio Workout for 2 days. 

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If your goal is to lose weight and improve your health, give this 30-Day Challenge a try.

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