20-Minute Hit It Hard Full-Body Workout

20 Minute Gym Workouts for Women!

Hit every single body part in 20 minutes.

While bodyweight exercises are great for their convenience and building and maintaining your strength, weightlifting offers far more benefits and greater results.

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Despite its benefits, weightlifting still hasn’t found its way to most women who want to lose weight, tone up and burn calories and fat.

The truth is, if you want your body to look great naked (and in bikinis and skinny jeans!), you need to tighten up your body.

The best and most efficient way to get leaner and toned is to build lean muscle mass (more dense muscle), and that’s what weight training does. The dense muscle makes your body look sleek, defined and lean.

Why are bodyweight exercises not enough?

Calisthenic exercises in nature work with just your body weight and no additional weights.

In order to build lean muscle mass, you need to continuously challenge your muscles harder than they are used to working.

With weight training, it’s easy to adjust resistance and challenges. Bodyweight exercises on contrary, you are limited to working with your body weight. This puts a limit to what bodyweight workouts can do and creates the need for weightlifting.  

Will weight training bulk you up?

No, you won’t bulk up. Take Jessica AlbaJessica BielCameron Diaz for example.

They are all famous for training with weights and some even do CrossFit workouts which is famous for their WODs featuring olympic lifting and barbell workouts! Despite their weight training regimens, these famous celebs are no where near bulky.

Why? Because women don’t have enough testosterone to pile up on muscles without steroids.

20-Minute Hit It Hard Full-Body Workout

When women lifts weights, we get leaner. Our muscle gets denser and tightens us up. It builds lean muscle mass, but not bulky muscles. That’s about it. 

Weight Loss Benefit

Weight training also greatly helps your weight loss and fat loss by triggering what’s called afterburn effect.

Afterburn effect is best explained as a state where your body continues to expend energy (think calorie burn!) to consume oxygen at a higher rate than normal resting state.

According to Jeff M. Reynold and Len Kravitz, Ph.D. at The University of New Mexico, it’s after performing weight training, our body continues to need oxygen at a higher rate than before the exercise began.

This energy expenditure a.k.a. calorie expenditure continues to happen up to 24-48 hours post workout

Because your body is set out to burn calories for a much longer duration of time than mild-intensity workouts, the total calorie you burn is higher with weight training. If you are truly looking for a weight loss solution, this workout is your answer. 

Are you ready to hit the gym and give this 20 Minute Hit It Full-Body Workout a try?

This workout is designed to tighten your full-body in just about 20 minutes. For a sleeker, bikini beach body, perform this 2-3 times a week for 4 weeks.

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