15 Days from Flab to Fab Workout Routine

Summer is here, and you need a quick workout to magically transform your flab to fab. 

A quick fix that delivers the results you want in a matter of weeks.

Whether its your backside, hips, thighs or your abs, this 15 days full-body workout routine is all you need to burn major calories, lose 5-10 pounds and tone up from head to toe just in time! No matter what’s your body type is, total body fat killer will get you the fabulous bikini butt, arms, thigh abs you want. 

Remember, knowing what to eat and what not to eat is one of the most important part of the puzzles when it comes to slimming down and getting leaner and toner.

One thing to remember is you cannot out exercise your fork. It’s often misunderstood that cutting calories is the most important thing about your diet. It’s not. Its about eating foods that are best suited for your body type in the right nutrition balance your body does best with. Surprisingly, those two things are the only things you need to accelerate your weight loss 10 to 20 times. 

Our goal is help you get your dream slim body for your special day, as well as overcome any weight loss plateau. That is why we created the 4 Week Bikini Body Express Plan, a step-by-step guide to the ultimate you. 

This 4 week body transformation guide is for any women who’s looking to create the best version of herself. It’s designed to fast track your metabolism and get it at it’s peak, so that you can achieve the slender, leaner, sexier body you always wanted. To get started on slimming down your body and improving your health, click here to learn more. 

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Let me introduce you to what celebrities and athletes call body transformation workout (a.k.a. MRT. MRT is short for Metabolic Resistance Training).  No matter what your problem areas are, this workout got you covered. This workout will transform everything from your flabby stomach, thighs, butt, and jiggling arms without having to hit the gym. 

This 15 day MRT (short for Metabolic Resistance Training) workout is meant to work all your muscle groups including arms, back, abdominals, legs, and butt.

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Why does this MRT workout work?

In short: It works because it incorporates exercises that target multiple, large muscle groups all at once. This multiple, large muscle group targeting method allows you to work your full body in one workout session.

It’s all about being efficient (targeting multiple muscles) and effective (targeting larger muscles). That’s how you transform your body. No more targeting one muscle at a time. Work all your muscles and get toned fast and easy. 

More about MRT: MRT short for metabolic resistance training, is a form of training that incorporate series of 4 to 8 exercises which are predominantly multi-joint exercises such as squats, kettle-bell swings, push-ups, medicine ball throws in order to work as many muscles groups as possible in a single training session with under 30 seconds to no rest in between sets.

It can help elevate your caloric expenditure up to 48 hours after workout. Many coaches use this training technique in their workout programs to help condition and shed fat with clients and athletes. 

Metabolic Training For Fat-loss

Benfits of this workoutBurn calorieslose body fat and sculpt your muscles to look leaner, tinner and tighter everywhere.

How Does It Work?

Perform exercise A1-A3 for 1 set in sequence with little to no rest in betwee. 

At the end of  Circuit A set, rest for 60 seconds. Repeat the same circuit (Circuit A) for 2 more times before moving on to Circuit B. 

Repeat the same for Circuit B and Circuit C. 

To see the instructions for each exercise, click the link below!   

Misato Alexandre


After making healthy living a priority, Misato lost over 20 lbs in less than 90 days. Instead of weight loss being a dreading experience, living the lifestyle of health and fitness granted her more happiness and joy than ever before. She co-founded Fitwirr to make health and fitness simple for everyone and share her tips through writing evidence-based articles on nutrition, weight loss, and exercise.

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