10 Minute Half Cindy CrossFit Workout

You have a friend who constantly raves about CrossFit style of ass kicking workouts and have been wanting to try it yourself, but can’t get over the fear of you most likely passing out in the middle of training. If that’s you, read along.  

There is a beginner-friendly yet challenging CrossFit exercise routine that will get your feet wet and boost your confidence level high up enough that you ‘d want to join CrossFit.

The workout is Cindy. Yes, the workout name is Cindy. 

Half CrossFit Cindy Beginner's Workout

While the full CrossFit Cindy workout is 20 minutes, Half Cindy is only 10 minutes. 

Since most people don’t have the muscular endurance and strength needed to complete a full Cindy workout, we highly recommend you starting with Half Cindy.

It’s intense enough to feel the impact of high intensity training, but it’s totally doable even for a beginner.  

How does Half Cindy CrossFit Workout work?

Perform each exercise for the prescribed number of repetitions for as many sets as possible within the 10 minute mark
When you can no longer the perform the exercises using the proper techniques, stop and record your time,reps and sets completed. 

Half Cindy Workout:

  1. Pull-ups:  perform 5 repetitions of pull-up and move on to the next exercise with little or no rest between exercises
  2. Push-ups:  perform 10 repetitions of push-ups and move on to the exercise with little or no rest between exercises
  3. Squats:  perform 15 repetitions of squats and move on to the next exercise with little or no rest between exercises. 

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