How to Get Rid of Blisters – Get a Pair of IyZeR Cushioned Sport Socks

As with almost anything in life, prevention is equally as important (if not more) as the solution.

Without doubts, it also applies to the case of blisters on your foot.

If you are a runner, jogger, cyclist, hiker or fitness enthusiast, there is a good chance you deal with blisters more frequently than you like. 

If you’ve already got one, treat it by gently wiping and cleaning the surface with soap and water. Apply an antibiotic ointment and cover it with a bandage.  

To save you from future blisters (and stinky feet!), IyZeR developed Coolmax-technology, cushioned sports socks that protect you from blisters and give all the support your feet can get from socks when they are hard at work.

4 cool things (other than preventing blisters, of course) the pair of IyZeR  Socks can do:

  • Provide cushions and support in the sole and achilles 
  • Keep your feet dry with moisture wicking fabric that prevents your socks from getting heavy
  • Let your feet enjoy the perfect temperature by having ventilation zone placed in the right places. 
  • Keep your feet comfortable and light

Thanks to IyZeR , we were able to test their socks to see if they feel different on our feet and whether they can endure our sweaty of all workout routines, HIIT and Crossfit. 

The result was quite amazing.

From the first try, it was easy to tell how strategically those vents were placed and cushions were applied, so that you’ll have comfort in all the right places without having to deal with heaviness or thickness. 

It’s also quite nice to have a pair of socks that don’t slip during the vigorous workout. 

Their breathable mesh fabric is also quite nice as it make the feet feel light, airy and cool.

It’s definitely a must-have item for athletes or even casual exercisers who want to keep their feet protected and feel light and dry during their favorite activity.

Grab your pair of IyZeR Cushioned Sports Socks today to say no more to blisters and wet soggy socks during your run and workout.  


  • 42% Cotton/Algodon 40% COOLMAX(registered trademark) fabric 16% Polyester/Poliester 2% Spandex
  • *This is a sponsored post brought to you by IyZeR. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*
Misato Alexandre


After making healthy living a priority, Misato lost over 20 lbs in less than 90 days. Instead of weight loss being a dreading experience, living the lifestyle of health and fitness granted her more happiness and joy than ever before. She co-founded Fitwirr to make health and fitness simple for everyone and share her tips through writing evidence-based articles on nutrition, weight loss, and exercise.

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