CrossFit Double Unders with Hurricane Pro Speed Jump Rope [Review]

Our recent post, Calories Burned Jumping Rope by Weight and Time [Calorie Burned Chart] revealed just how many calories we are burning from a simple, classic cardio exercise, jumping rope.

What if learning how to do CrossFit double unders can double your calorie burn, will you do it?

I know you will.

According to Carol Smolensky’s statistics, a Registered Nurse, ACE Personal Trainer, Crossfitter, and Yoga practitioner, double unders can burn almost double the amount of calories as single unders. Read her article here.

Just to warn you, mastering double unders usually takes a bit of practice (ok, more like a lot of practice), but to lower the hurdle and fasten your road to mastery, we gathered all the hacks to successfully do a double under.

In case you are new to CrossFit double unders, it’s a jump rope jumping style that when you jump, you swing the rope twice under your feet.

Hack #1: Get the right rope

Double Under Jump Rope Cardio

If you are doing the single under (regular style), digging your old toy chest from the grade school and using your childhood jump rope is fine. But if you are mastering the double under, get the right rope such as Hurricane Pro Speed Jump Rope (Dual Bearing)

Speed Jump Rope can help you in 8 ways.

Speed – Its rope is thinner and allows you to be fast.

Adjustable length – Your rope needs to be just the right length for your height. Only adjustable rope can give you the custom-fit length you need to do the double under.

Light handles – as you can imagine, heavy handles wear your arms and wrists out. Using light handles can delay your arm fatigue.

Comfortable grip – Speed Jump Rope has nice comfortable grip that don’t slip when I start to sweat.

Smooth rotations – You need all the help you can get from the jump rope itself to swing the rope as fast as you can. Speed Jump Rope does an excellent job. It’s very smooth and swings as fast as your wrists can.

Durability and Quality – it’s so durable that it can literally take any beating, but in any case you feel the rope is not holding up, the company offers life time guarantee to take care of you.

Versatility – it’s great for all fitness levels.

Tangle-free – typical jump ropes tangles, but this one doesn’t. I don’t know why but it never tangled during my last 30 days of use.

Hack #2: Fast wrist movement

The number one double under mistakes is using the arms to flick, when the trick is in the wrist. Practice fast wrist movement; you are half way there.

It’s really the timing and speed of the flick, not how big or hard you swing your arms around.

Hack #3: Jump high

By aiming to jump higher than when you do the single under, you can buy some time to squeeze in the second swing in before your feet touch the floor.

Once you master the double under, it doesn’t seem to be the common practice to jump high, but if you are still learning, many swear by this trick.

Hack #4: Practice, Practice, Practice!

As with all things, practice makes you better and allows you to master a technique. In the case of the double under, you’ll get slapped by the rope until you succeed and it’s painful.

Use the as a motivation to get back at it and improve your speed of wrist rotations and keep jumping a bit higher to get the second swing in.

Before you know it, you will be performing this neat jumping style and on your way to burning double the calories of the single under.

Official Product Descriptions from Hurricane Pro Speed Jump Rope (Dual Bearing)

  • Easily adjustable 9ft cable – customizable for any jump rope workout. 2 extra screws & instructions
  • Super fast! crossfit, interval work, home workouts, WOD’s, boxing, mma, and perfect for double unders
  • Portable, compact, and lightweight – take it with you wherever go – never miss a workout
  • Sturdy, tangle-free design – easy to use whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced
  • LIfetime warranty! we strive to make sure you will be happy, or we will send you a new replacement?

Quick List of Benefits of the Hurricane Pro Speed Rope!

  1. Perfect for beginner, intermediate, and advanced.
  2. A powerful way to burn calories in less time.
  3. Increased cardiovascular fitness


  • Two Extra Adjuster Screws (Incase you lose one… or two)
  • Two Free eReports (Valued at $29.98)…
  1. The Paleo Blueprint: Shed Body Fat, Raise Energy & Stay Healthy for Life
  2. Crossfit to Drop Fat: A Beginners Guide to CrossFit

* This is a sponsored product review post featuring Violent Zen’s Hurricane Pro Speed Jump Rope and reflects the author’s honest and unbiased reviews of the product. 

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