Trx Workouts:5 Simple Bodyweight Exercises with Trx

Reinvent and revamp your bodyweight exercises with TRX (short for total-body resistance exercises).

TRX Suspension Training was invented by a former U.S. Navy SEAL out of necessity while on a mission to get and stay fit without equipments.

This simple, yet powerful fitness tool has completely changed the way bodyweight exercises are performed.  

TRX exercises are performed with TRX bands (suspension bands) and two most available resources, gravity and your own bodyweight.

Its versatility comes from its ability to effortlessly turn any bodyweight workout to an effective workout that appropriately challenges you no matter what fitness level you are at.

Adjustment of your exercise challenging level is easy and done by changing the body positioning and length of the straps, so you remain full control of your workout without a hustle. 

Because TRX training is all about training movements, not muscles, each exercise involves using your core. This only means that no matter what exercise you do with TRX, you get ripped abs.  

While shredded abs alone is a great benefit of using TRX, it is just one of the reasons you why you should train with TRX. 

Top 11 Reasons Why You Should Get Obsessed With TRX Workouts

  1. Deliver a fast and effective total-body workout
  2. Build a strong core. Compare to most gym equipments where half of your body is at rest, TRX utilizes your core in nearly all exercises. This is an unfair advantage of TRX. 
  3. Improve your muscular endurance 
  4. Burn calories and fat
  5. Increase muscle tone 
  6. Build strength 
  7. Improve your cardiovascular system
  8. Enhance your balance
  9. Great for all fitness levels
  10. Suitable for home uses
  11. No other equipment needed

Whether you are an athlete or exercise beginner, you can get an effective, fat shredding workout with TRX Suspension Trainer. TRX can be set-up anywhere and is lightweight that you can easily take it to go. 

While there are hundreds of exercises you can perform with TRX, we picked 5 of our favorite moves to perform with TRX to tone your full-body.

5 Effective TRX-Workouts For a Full-Body Workout

5 Bodyweight TRX Exercises:

  1. Split Alternating Jump with TRX Great cardio and strength. Shreds your body fat and tones your legs, butt and abs.
  2. L-Raise Split Stance with TRX – Works your back and core. You will not only tone your back but improve your posture to look taller and even more confident. 
  3. Triceps Overhead Press Split Feet with TRX – Jiggling triceps? Not a chance with this TRX triceps exercise. It effectively targets your triceps and just about every other muscle in your upper-body.  
  4. Push-up with TRX – Power up your pushup with TRX to get maximum results. It builds your core strength and works your chest, triceps and shoulders. 
  5. Inverted Row Feet Split with TRX – Targets your upper back and lats while engaging the core and abs.  

TRX leverages gravity to make body weight exercises fun and challenging.

Are you ready to get started with TRX? Click the link to get your own TRX Suspension Training Band

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