Top 19 Gyms in the U.S. That Make You Want to Switch a Gym

Making the decision to join a gym is a great step in improving your fitness levels. However, choosing the perfect gym for you can be a daunting task. We have compiled a list below of the top 19 gyms in America. There are a few specialty gyms that can make your workouts seem like a mini vacation. There is also a wide selection of franchise jams that offer a more basic workout setting, but offer such bonuses as swimming pools saunas and childcare. 

With such a diverse selection of amenities and membership fees, there is sure to be a gym near you that perfectly suits your busy lifestyle.

Specialty Gyms

1. Chelsea Piers: Best pick for people who want it all! 

Chelsea Piers: 19 Best Fitness Gyms in the U.S. 2014

{Image Credit: Chelsea Piers}

This 400,000 square foot massive gym located in Manhattan, New York contains rock walls, volleyball nets, batting cages and treadmills. If you must bring your children, this massive gym also features water slides, gymnastics classes and an ice skating rink. There are also yoga classes, tennis courts and babysitting services. This gym offers many membership packages, so their monthly pricing is customized depending on the individual.

2. Downsize Fitness: Have a significant amount of weight to lose? This gym is for you. This is the perfect gym for individuals who are looking to lose 50 pounds or more. This gym only accepts overweight individuals as members, so you do not have to fear trying to keep up with the skinny person on the treadmill beside you. For $300 per month, you have unlimited access to group fitness sessions, three personal trainer sessions per week, unlimited use of the facility and a once per month consultation with a certified nutritionist. Downsize Fitness has locations in both Dallas and Chicago.

3. East Bank Club: Don’t call it a gym. It’s an elite club. This Chicago-based gym has over 400 pieces of cardio equipment and offers 190 weekly group exercise classes. The $180 per month membership fee includes access to the gym’s exclusive restaurant, hair salon, laundry service and shoe repair service.

4. Sweat Fitness and Frames: Looking for a hangout place? This gym must be it!

Sweat Fitness and Frames: 19 Best Fitness Gyms in the U.S.

{Image Credit: Sweat Fitness and Frames}

This family-based  health club located in Philadelphia not only offers a full-service gym, but also a full-service bowling alley and fun group fitness classes that utilize bowling balls as weights. Memberships start around $45 per month.

5. Blink Fitness: Need to get fit on a budget? Blink got your back. 

Blink Fitness: 19 Best Fitness Gyms in the U.S.

{Image Credit: Blink Fitness}

With a membership fee of only $15 per month, this gym is perfect for moms who are on a budget. Personal trainers are available for $30 per 30 minute session. This club offers top-of-the-line equipment and vending machines that dispense earbuds and water bottles. Blink Fitness has 13 locations across New York and New Jersey.

6. Mecca Gym and Spa: Perfect luxury escape for busy people.

Mecca Gym and Spa: 19 Best Fitness Gyms in the U.S. 2014

{Image Credit: Mecca Gym and Spa}

This Texas-based gym employs personal trainers and massage therapists who work together to create a complete fitness routine just for you. They offer yoga classes, steam rooms and a smoothie bar. Monthly membership fees are $150.

7. Iron Flower Fitness: Sexy- Chic All Women Gym. Do I need to say more? This Miami-based Florida gym only allows female members. They offer fun group fitness classes such as Booty Bounce, Boxercise and Cheer Fit. Memberships start at $70 per month.

Nationwide Franchises

8. Planet Fitness: Are you a commitment phobic? Planet requires no monthly commitment. Planet Fitness offers a large, fully functional gym for a low $20 per month membership fee. This gym has franchises nationwide and cater to everyday people- no bodybuilders allowed.

9. Retro Fitness: You guessed it right! At Retro, you watch retro movies while working out. Retro Fitness has locations in 10 states and is expanding rapidly. This unique gym offers darkened rooms full of cardio equipment where you can work out while watching classic 80s movies, along with a standard fitness area. Monthly membership fees are only $20 per person.

10. Snap Fitness: No frills. They stick to the basics. 

Snap Fitness: 19 Best Fitness Gyms in the U.S. 2014

{Image Credit: Snap Fitness}

Snap is a 24 hour fitness facility that offers low $34 per month membership fees. This is your basic gym was not many frills, but the staff are friendly and willing to help you reach your goals. 

11. Anytime FitnessHave irregular schedules? Anytime Fitness is open 24 hours. This is another 24 hour fitness facility with a low membership fee of $40 per month. They offer all of the basic exercise equipment and consultations with personal trainers are available.

12. The YMCA: Looking for a family solution? YMCA is your gym. When it comes to family style gyms, nothing can beat the YMCA. There is an extensive list of classes and services available geared toward adults, seniors and children. Memberships are an incredible value at $50 per month.

13. LifeTime Fitness: Attention moms. Lifetime Fitness has free childcare!

Lifetime Fitness: 19 Best Fitness Gyms in the U.S. 2014

This 24 hour gym offers free fitness classes, a sauna and swimming pool. With two free hours of childcare provided per visit, this gym is perfect for busy moms. Membership prices are around $100 per month.

14. Crunch Fitness: Great selection of interesting classes! This high energy gym offers classes such as Fat Burning Ballet and Urban Rebounding. This facility is all about having fun, but also has a wide selection of your basic cardio and strength training equipment. Basic memberships are only $10 per month.

15. LA Fitness: A gym you can count on. Clean and well-equipped facility. 

LA Fitness: 19 Best Fitness Gyms in the U.S. 2014

{Image Credit: LA Fitness}

This facility offers memberships for only $30 per month and is open 24 hours a day. They offer saunas and indoor heated pools, free group fitness classes, babysitting services and even a juice bar. 

16. EquinoxThis is where trendsetters go for workouts. It’s the American’s trendiest gym. 

Equinox Gym: 19 Best Fitness Gyms in the U.S. 2014

{Image Credit: Equinox}

Equinox has been voted as the number one gym in America.This luxury facility offers a wide selection of group fitness classes such as martial arts, boxing, yoga, dance and cycling. Their trainers are some of the best in the nation.Membership dues start at $147 per month.

17. 24-Hour FitnessA gym with everything you need. Just like the name states, this facility is open 24 hours per day. Aside from a fully functional gym full of cardio and weight training equipment, this facility offers Zumba classes, cardio and dance classes, cycling classes and a myriad of others. Membership dues can vary depending on the package you choose, but average around $45 per month.

18. EXOS (formerly Athlete’s Performance)Go-to gym for athletes. 

EXOS (formerly Athlete's Performance) : 19 Best Fitness Gyms in the U.S. 2014

{Image Credit: EXOS}

This facility has many nutrition and fitness programs designed for sports professionals, police, firefighters and military personnel. They also offer many fitness classes aimed toward the average adult and even high school students. They teach you how to combine specialized training routines and nutritional programs to enhance athletic performance. Because all of their programs are highly customized, you must sit for a consultation in order to receive monthly membership fee information.

19. CrossFit GymsGet stronger and fitter with Cross Fit.

There is a huge list of CrossFit gyms across the nation (more than 5,000). The largest is CrossFit NYC which has more than 1000 members and offers more than 200 classes per week. These gyms are certified to teach CrossFit training which is a combination of gymnastics, cardio, weightlifting and core training. With such a wide variety of CrossFit gyms available, there is also a ,variety of membership dues. Whereas some gyms start at $45 per month, others can be as high as $150.

There you have it!

There is no shortage of gyms to join but of course, getting fit doesn’t alway have to involve a gym.

You can have a great intensive cardio workout at a comfort of your home. Check out these home friendly cardio workouts

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