Health And Fitness Apps Enjoy Market Expansion

Health And Fitness Apps Enjoy Market Expansion

People are more interested in their health, well-being and living to a ripe old age than ever before. This is very apparent when you look at the way health and fitness app usage is growing on the Internet. One recent survey found that 8 times more people use health and fitness apps than those who did just 6 months ago.

2014 is the year of expansion

According to one industry expert, Flurry Analytics, 2014 is the year where the most rapid expanse has taken place, and the expansion in health and fitness app usage has enjoyed an increase of over 60 percent. Naturally, this is very good news for not only the makers of health and fitness apps, but it is also fabulous news for the health and fitness industry as a whole. Additionally, consumers are becoming healthier and living longer and happier lives. 

Another benchmark in the United States market is shown by the current explosion in app sales that Apple is experiencing. Over the previous two years, technology has made possible many health and fitness apps that are capable of replacing larger units that track things like human vital signs.

One amazing benefit for manufacturers and sellers of health and fitness apps is the fact that people love to share them on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.Today, app users easily integrate their statistics, such as their walking and jogging records, with friends, family and others who share their passions.

Fitness = Fun

Mobile apps in the health and fitness category are making it fun to be fit and stay in shape. Moreover, health and fitness apps are available from the comfort of your home, since a quick glance on any major search engine turns up a multitude of interesting apps. 

Not surprisingly, one group of fitness enthusiasts report that females outnumber males in mobile app usage – two to one. This contrasts the ratio between females and males who use all types of apps, which is more evenly split. Furthermore, health and fitness apps are very popular with smartphone users, although wearable devices are beginning to show their appeal with all consumers and health and fitness apps go hand in hand with wearables. 

One perfect example of the motivation consumers can expect comes in the form of a great fitness-jogging app that has you believing there are zombies chasing you. You begin as having lived through an apocalypse, and are now elected to carry out potentially dangerous missions. The app prompts the user to perform various activities, which makes your exercise routine more of a game than a grueling activity.

Check out these fitness apps 

Anyone who enjoys interacting with online games, social network sites and who wants to improve their health should check out the amazing array of health and fitness apps available today. New health and fitness apps hitting the market online each day. Additionally, look for exciting and helpful health and fitness apps to make a big splash as we approach the 2014 holiday season. 

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